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Asset Management in the Digital Age

By David Prosser on November 12, 2015

Who wants paper from their asset manager or wealth management firm? In most markets, customers are charged to upgrade when new services become available, but in the investment business, this model has been turned on its…

A Guide to Twitter Polls for Asset Management Marketers

By Taranita Costales on November 11, 2015

From its advent, Twitter has always welcomed its users to share their ideas and opinions within a 140-character limit. Now, collecting opinions has not only become easier, but even a little more fun with Twitter’s newest…

Digital Marketing at Asset Management Firms [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Paul Fawcett on November 10, 2015

Recently on our blog, we posted a roundup of the findings from our digital marketing survey that had been conducted globally through e-mail. The survey results uncovered valuable information on the challenges and goals of digital marketers at…

The Unstoppable Growth of ETFs [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Gerritt Graham on November 6, 2015
Exchange Traded Funds

Just a decade ago, exchange traded funds assets under management totaled $230 billion in the United States. Now, ETFs, the little three letter acronym, has a not-so-little total of $2 trillion AUM. Industry experts are excited for the market…

Developers Push the Envelope with New Financial App Launches

By Hannah Smith on November 5, 2015

It’s been an exciting time for app developers lately, with two interesting new financial apps coming to the market and setting the bar high for future launches. In October, wealth manager and stockbroker Charles Stanley unveiled…

25 of the Best Designed Investment Management Websites

By Luke Hinchliffe on November 3, 2015
best designed investment management websites

Back in 2013, we published 19 of the Best-Designed Asset Management websites and it became one of the most popular ‘entrance pages’ into our website. Since then quite a lot has changed, so we thought it was high…

Bitcoin Triggers a Significant Chain of Events in the Financial Sector

By David Prosser on October 29, 2015

A year ago, Bitcoin aficionados were telling us that the crypto-currency would change the global financial system – they may yet be proved right, but at this moment in time it’s the technology that underpins Bitcoin…

5 Common SEO Mistakes On Investment Management Websites

By Farnham Rankin on October 27, 2015

When it comes to SEO, many think that as long as their home page shows when people Google their company name, they’ve sufficiently optimized their page for search engines. Think again. The asset management industry is…

2015 Digital Marketing Practices at Asset Management Firms

By Jeff Hendren on October 22, 2015

What are the top challenges for digital marketers at asset management firms? What are the goals of digital marketing programs at firms? What are the most important channels for digital marketers? All of these questions and…

M&A Activity Heats Up as Firms Pursue ‘Transformational’ Deals

By Hannah Smith on October 20, 2015

A takeover deal was announced earlier this month which is perhaps the clearest sign yet of the sea change underway in the financial sector. The news that Aberdeen Asset Management has agreed to buy Parmenion Capital…

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