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5 Effective Web Design Trends for Investment Management Websites

By Rahul Chakravarthy on August 25, 2015

We’ve blogged before about how financial services, particularly asset management, is behind the curve in terms of web design and user experience. But things are changing, slower than other industries, but changing they are and for…

Social Media: Friend or Foe for Financial Firms?

By Hannah Smith on August 20, 2015

The explosion of social media has been one of the most interesting developments in popular culture in the last ten years, redefining how we interact with each other and with the companies that serve us. The…

A Lesson About Company Culture from True University 2015

By Joe Brown on August 18, 2015

In June, several of my colleagues and I headed out to Silicon Valley for the annual True University conference. This is an amazing event put on each year by our major investor, @TrueVentures. It features two…

[Video] Asset Management Must Change to Meet Customer Needs

By Farnham Rankin on August 13, 2015

Lately, I’ve been referring to video over text to consume my usual dosage of news and insights. During my daily hunt to find current content on the industry, I came across a gold mine of good…

Reinventing the Asset Management Business Model

By David Prosser on

New digital players may not pose as big a threat as competitors from within the fund management sector When market research consultancy Create Research published a report earlier this year on the threat posed to asset…

8 Ways to Give Your Asset Management Blog an Edge

By Lexi Clarke on August 11, 2015

We know it’s easy to overlook the “little things”, but as mentioned in a recent post about micro UX, the smallest detail and function can make a noticeable impact on an asset manager’s website. There’s a special…

David and Goliath: What Technological Change Really Means for Traditional Financial Services

By Hannah Smith on August 6, 2015

How much of a threat to traditional financial services is the new digital economy? The pace of change and innovation in tech, combined with the way we use it has been so rapid that it has…

10 Asset Managers That Use Micro UX to Enhance Website Experience

By Schalk Burger on August 4, 2015
5 asset funds that use micro UX to create an enhanced website experience

Every product and every service has a user experience. Think of the last time that a service you use regularly, like your bank’s website, did a redesign of their website. How did it affect your experience?…

Dynamic Advertising & Retargeting: A Cutting-Edge Technique to Improve Fund Marketing [Series]

By David Wilson on August 3, 2015

The range of digital marketing tools we have at our disposal is getting bigger every year. But sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the innovation that’s happening around us, and more specifically how these tools…

Why Digital Customer Service Matters in FinServ

By David Prosser on July 30, 2015

“I want fans, not customers,” is the mantra of Vernon Hill, the founder of Metro Bank, Britain’s highest-profile retail banking launch of the past two decades (in fact, the country’s only full-service retail banking launch during…

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