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Asset managers are increasingly looking to embrace digital, offering innovative ways to engage with investors who are looking to trust those that are up to speed. From marketing funds on new look websites and social media accounts, to video marketing and written blogs, we here at Kurtosys scour the web to find the very best industry-specific examples of fund marketing and industry movers and shakers to save you the hard work.

This week’s round up brings gender equality studies, advisor apps, China’s new investment yearbook, and Bitcoin’s ‘tulip mania’.

Movers & Shakers

Daniella Johnston headshotDaniella Johnston
Is now ➜ Head of Multi-asset Marketing at Old Mutual Wealth
Was: Deputy Head of UK Marketing at Aberdeen Asset Management


David Patterson headshotDavid Patterson
Is now ➜ Director, UK & Ireland Sales at HANetf
Was: Head of UK Wholesale Distribution, Passive Investments at Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management at Deutsche Bank

Further information: Investment Week

Kurtosys expresses their best wishes to all starting in their new positions.

Website Spotlight: Legg Mason


Global asset management company Legg Mason’s recent renovation of their corporate website is a big deal. Most notably, we celebrate their perfect balance of fund data and published content on their homepage, which boasts their featured funds as one of its main draws.

Not only that, but this page also makes inspired use of a sticky navigation header to display information pertaining to its affiliates. Encased in these relevant menus are links and basic details about each subsidiary’s investment strategies and product range, alongside its news and insight features. Again, a juggling act between fund information and regularly published content has been carried out with aplomb, even besides Legg Mason’s main page.

The overall design is relatively striking with bold imagery, matched in attraction with toggle buttons, calls to action and a responsive mega-menu for maximum user experience. All of the elements of this homepage look just as great on mobile too for handheld website viewers.

The fund explorer, housed in the ‘Products’ page, is an absolute beast of a module, displaying a whole breadth of fund types from ETFs to Mutual Funds. The table of fund information is updated daily, and similarly brilliant is this page’s literature library. Featuring .pdf version of the fund factsheets, annual reports, semi-annual reports and more, we’re particularly fond of its useful features, like ‘email a friend’, for example.

All in all, this multi-language and multi-investor catering site (complete with interactive attestation – another component we love to see at Kurtosys) is a wonderful update from Legg Mason, leading in its balanced presentation of fund data and content, which both happen to be well presented on the site’s relevant sub-pages.

Fund in Focus: Fidelity Select 50 Balanced fund

Fans of our Fund in Focus section will know that just one fund is often never enough. Whenever there’s a fund-of-funds, again, in Luther Vandross’ words it’s “never too much”. Fidelity seem to have listened to the god of soul, recently launching their so-called Select 50 Balanced fund.

It’s exactly what you’d expect from the name; a fund which will predominantly invest in funds that make up the Fidelity Select 50, a list which features funds aiming to produce long-term capital growth as rated by analysts. There is no targeted total return at this stage, but this fund will be managed by Ayesha Akbar from the multi-asset team, fairly relevant due to the fund’s makeup of shares, commodities, property and bonds.

Half of the funds outperformed their benchmark over a three year period, and investors will be offered exposure to between 20 and 40 of the top 50 funds at any one time, with the ongoing fee for the new fund being 1.25%, exclusive to Fidelity Personal Investing customers.

Fund-of-funds haven’t been presented in the best light recently, with asset managers feeling the pressure to offer low fees and be transparent with their charges. But this fund-of-funds is attempting to help construct a complementary portfolio for investors, almost as a one-stop-shop.

A list of the Fidelity’s current ‘Select 50′ fund picks can be found at the links below.

Further information: Citywire Money | This is Money

Wealth Manager in Focus: Mirae Asset Global Investments


In recent news of the global ETF scene bypassing the $5 trillion mark, this acquisition news seems even more relevant.

South Korea’s Mirae Asset Global Investments has already dipped its toes into ETF businesses in Canada, Australia and Asia but has so far been looking to expand its capabilities in the United States. So, the firm has acquired New York based Global X (a site we have actually covered before here) in order to do this, which in turn brings its ETF net assets to over $30 billion, the 18th highest in the world in terms of competitiveness.

The exchange-traded fund provider is partly owned by JPMorgan, and for smaller players like Global X in an industry where ETF growth is on the immediate rise, it’s tough to survive.

The 100% stake of Global X was reported to have cost an estimated $488 million, and it’s a move that looks to define this theme of consolidation which will most likely continue in the ETF world.

Further information: Financial Times | Business Korea | Deal Street Asia

Fintech News

Investment Association

The UK asset management hub is ranked second in the world, just a little behind the United States. Not that that’s stopping the country from furthering its influential hold on the industry.

The UK Investment Association (IA), 240 members strong, is set to launch a fintech accelerator in Q2 of this year, hoping to nurture tech startups that most specifically cater their services to the asset management industry. Only an estimated 43% of asset management firms believe they are developing technology quickly enough to support the growth of their businesses, in a poll of 507 players conducted by State Street.

Taking in two groups a year for a 6-month programme, made up of four to eight fintech firms, the punny VeloCity accelerator is keen to boost the potential of businesses that are creating applications in machine learning and AI, distributed ledger technology, cloud-based infrastructure and big data.            

As the economic secretary to the Treasury and City minister states, the UK’s stance as a world leader in asset management will only be maintained or enhanced through the use of innovative digital solutions. The launching of this supportive fintech ecosystem is just one way that these companies can become business-ready for the asset management field.

Further information: FStech | Finextra

Industry Insights

Regulatory overload

Deloitte_LogoWhilst we can often separate the MiFID II and GDPR regulatory matters here, both come (characteristically) in a bumper Regulatory Outlook report from Deloitte, amongst other matters.

This landing page hosts much of Deloitte’s recent regulatory content. A link to the all-important Financial Markets Regulatory Outlook 2018 document is included (a whopping 74 pages of Open Banking, PSD2 and a whole load of industry-influencing legislation) as well as an interactive regulatory timeline tool, a speculative Regulatory Outlook webcast, and even a retrospective assessment of how Deloitte’s 2017 predictions for the sector fared.

The document only comes about once a year, so it’s essentially the Christmas Day for the financial world’s regulatory matters with me acting as a digital Santa Claus – claim your free gift at the link above!

New Year, New Funds

To remain self-referential here, here’s a Chinese New Year-themed investing article from Citywire USA. Happy Year of the Dog! That’s me! Although, as the author writes “investors will be hoping that it does not live up to its name and deliver disappointment”, I’m not too happy with the cynicism surrounding me and my fellow canines.

There’s certainly a healthy dose of wordplay surrounding roosters, dogs and fortune, in an entertaining look into China’s most successful managers of the past three years.

The MSCI China Index was up 51% by the end of 2017, and for investors that remain optimistic in the Year of the Dog, this list of the 11 best China Region managers by risk-adjusted returns is a decent place to start. Some of the most familiar tech company names are included: Tencent; Alibaba; Ping An Insurance, big players in the fintech space also.

The fund management’s spotlight on China certainly doesn’t look to be diminishing just yet. I’m not biased, promise. Maybe the Year of the Dog is the going to be the greatest year after all.

Gender Equality Breakthroughs

More investigative fund management chat from Financial Times, this time focusing on the positive effects of diversity within the industry.

The effective inclusion of gender diversity is not just reserved for one factor, either. Firstly, funds managed by teams of mixed gender attracted 6% more inflows than single gender-run funds in the past few years. But also, data analysis on the market has found that there is also a correlation between gender mixed teams and sales.

Bev-Shah-headshotAnalysing nearly 15,000 funds in total, Warren Miller (chief executive of Flowspring) found that over three-quarters of these funds were run by teams comprising solely of men. Only 164 funds were wholly managed by female teams. It was found that some of the largest and best selling funds were managed by mixed teams, including quite a few iShares ETFs and American Funds.

As quoted by Bev Shah, CEO of City Hive (who we had the pleasure of interviewing for our blog), diversity is not just an HR issue – it should also be replicated within distribution.

Time will tell if fund managers embrace the facts on an ever-growing issue within the financial industry.


Asset Management Compliance & Risk Conference  LONDON | MARCH 21-22 2018


For further information on regulation, some first hand talks are available to educate you besides regular online white papers.

Hosted by Citywire, this event held right by the Museum of London will feature experienced heads in compliance and regulation discussing how GDPR will affect asset and wealth management, and identify how MiFID II transaction reporting has been dealt with by the industry (so far).

Learning from the success of similar players is a great way to get your firm compliant. You can purchase tickets for next month’s event from the Eventbrite page included above.

And finally…

Rembrandt-tulips…a slightly skewed take on the Bitcoin epidemic, here’s a more academic study into why this financial craze is not a repeat of ‘tulip mania’ which supposedly engulfed the Netherlands in the 1630s.

From delving into archives about the event, author Anne Goldgar from King’s College London unearths the fairly bombastic and untrue stories surrounding the event. The fact that such myths have persisted even ‘til now, through best-selling books, trading news and even 17th century satirical songwriting highlights how financial trends can be misleading. It’s not too far astray when looking at the cryptocurrency bubble we find ourselves in; certainly a thought-provoking financial study.

A study of a different ilk, Investment News has discovered the mobile app preferences for advisors. Whether it’s Logo-Tinderinternational roaming charge problems or simply the taking of notes, there’s a spread of technical helpers right here. If you’re wondering whether Tinder is in the mix, I can neither confirm nor deny.

That’s all for this week, but be sure to check back soon for more asset management marketing highlights and fintech snippets from Kurtosys.

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