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This week’s round up brings you a dual-country fund launch sequel, incredible infographics, the return of gamification, and the DJ sideline of a potential financial giant’s CEO.

Movers & Shakers

Teresa Garcia headshotTeresa García
Is now ➜ Head of Marketing – Spain & Portugal at BNP Paribas Asset Management
Was: Country Marketing Manager – Spain, Portugal and US offshore markets at Capital Group | Europe

Gonzalo Meseguer headshotGonzalo Meseguer
Is now ➜ Director General at Santalucía Gestión SGIIC
Was: Director Comercial y Marketing BBVA AM Europe at BBVA

Further information: Investment Europe

Riccardo Millich headshotRiccardo Millich
Is now ➜ Sales Director – Securities Services at HSBC Global Banking and Markets
Was: Attaché de Direction – Business Development – Asset Services (Investment Fund Services) at Degroof Petercam

Further information: Asset Servicing Times

Mike Yamarik headshotMike Yamarik
Is now ➜ Senior Project Manager at Transamerica
Was: Senior Technical Solutions Manager at T. Rowe Price


Kurtosys expresses their best wishes to all starting in their new positions.

Website Spotlight: American Century Investments


Another edition to our regularly updated 50 Best-Designed AM Websites gallery is that of Kansas City, MO firm American Century Investments.

This is mainly due to our leaning towards content alignment with fund data, and these guys are champions of the format that we know and love. The home page remains uncluttered with clear calls to action, either to their most recent article, or indeed an easy to use sign-in feature for existing and new investors.

Elsewhere on the homepage however are links to resources such as the fund finder, as well as a short gallery of their investment insights. Whilst these short-form boxes remain nicely contained, a real winner for American Century is their dedicated blog site which houses a plethora of recent content from specific market commentaries to financial advisory. We recently included this subsidiary site in our recent roundup of the industry’s best blog archives, with users able to select resources according to their segmentation. They also make great use of guest posts, video content and SVG graphics.

Clearly, both their expertise in content delivery and fund promotion are given equal weight. Coming to their funds page, their multi-faceted fund explorer is exemplary in that it combines drop-down lists and search ahead functionality for a commendable user experience. Investors can browse through funds according to their monthly and quarterly returns. The fund pages themselves are highly extensive with their information and are well designed. One slight pain point is the fact that the charts and graphs could be more interactive to put them on an equal footing with fund pages from other investment firms.

In completion, its navigability is high and lends a perfect concoction of product and blog piece, making it a worthy member of our aforementioned gallery for us here at Kurtosys.

Fund in Focus: China-Ireland Growth Technology Fund II

Michael-Corleone-2Movie sequels often get a bad rep. Unless you’re talking about Godfather II, or The Empire Strikes Back, many follow-ons from successes are doomed for failure. In the fund world however, any sequel for a firm (or two in this case) always deserves a warm welcome.

As the name suggests, Ireland’s sovereign wealth fund has once again teamed up with its counterpart in China to offer their second collaborative fund to boost investment in technology. This launch was announced on the 16th March in Beijing, with the first of its kind brought to us in 2014, as documented here.

This earlier $100 million fund supported six Irish technology firms since its inception, with its successor looking to further the presence of one country’s high-growth technology firms within the other, and this edition amounts to €150 million. As the Financial News defines, China Capital Corporation (which backs this fund through its CIC Capital investment arm) is one of the globe’s biggest state-backed investors, with its Irish partner a relative “minnow”, however any teamwork (large or small) to the development of big data, robotics and artificial intelligence is worth a comment.

Chinese firms are increasingly looking to based themselves in Ireland for European operations – with the country being an attractive EU hotspot for fintech, as we have covered here – whilst the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (IFID, formerly the National Pension Reserve Fund) is hoping for this engagement to attract a strong economic return for the country.

With China consistently boosting its rapport as one of the world’s largest economies, Ireland’s dedication to collaboration and innovation should do wonders for its domestic investment and influence on both the worldwide economy and technology space.

Further information: FN London | IPE | ISIF

Wealth Manager in Focus: Aberdeen Standard Investments


The asset management world has seen a tumult of mergers, with one of the highest-profiled cases being that of Aberdeen Asset Management and Standard Life Investments, now recognisable by the portmanteau Aberdeen Standard Investments (ASI).

And now, the new-look firm’s most recent partnership with Richard Branson’s financial services arm: Virgin Money. Under this agreement, ASI will acquire half a stake in Virgin Money’s unit trust business for around £40 million. It will then run its £3.7 billion of client assets.

This formal friendship is looking to combine the expertise of each member – ASI’s asset management knowledge and Virgin Money’s world-recognisable “brand and customer reach” – to create a truly innovative retail investment wonderkid.

Customers will certainly look to take advantage of a more diversified fund choice, with top-of-the-range technological services offered by this agreement, which is expected to be closed by the end of 2018.

Further information: Citywire Wealth Manager | Financial Times

CEO Spotlight (?): David Solomon

The-Odyssey-PenelopeThe title comes with a question mark due to this still being only speculative. With the incoming retirement of Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, the investment banking firm has had a queue of potential successors, like the financial world’s most documented version of Penelope’s predicament in Homer’s The Odyssey.

In a bizarre twist, Goldman’s current president and co-COO David Solomon has not only had his position as potential leader more solidified, but his side-hustle as an EDM DJ has also surfaced.

Under the pseudonym DJ D-Sol, Solomon is clearly a refreshing take on the traditional head of a global financial giant, blowing all preconceptions of what the requirements for that role are to smithereens. He’s been lighting up decks from the Bahamas to Manhattan, and this wine connoisseur is credited as the “culture guy” for the company. I suppose that’s hardly surprising (he’s even got his own Instagram) but the ongoing fight for the Goldman crown has been gifted a further storyline from the escapades of this multi-talented individual.

Will DJ EZ make a move into asset management? Time will tell, but tales of the unexpected certainly seem to appear in any industry.

Further information: Financial Times | Washington Post

Industry Insights

Infographics Aplenty

Personal-finance-infographicFor fans of everything visual, make sure you check out the professionally classy projects of Visual Capitalist, with today’s spotlight on their recent collaboration with Wealth 101 to present two illustrated presentations of financial literacy and personal finance.

As well as highlighting some salient research from the latter company, the bold colour schemes, beautiful design and purely breathtaking scope of these infographics is something to behold. ‘The Financial Literacy Problem’ takes the LA Lakers’ colour scheme to new heights, making some of the most attractive numerical graphs ever witnessed, whilst the second ‘Personal Finance Landscape’ offering is a more concise ferris wheel of investment insight, not holding back on the design flair, either.

Those Meddling Millennials

MillennialMeddling? Well, not directly, but the expectations of 40% of the global adult population are certainly switching up the ‘laggard’ of financial services – wealth management.

The Financial Brand has taken a bird’s eye view at this g-g-generation’s financial behaviours, with this article drawing on extensive research into millennial matters, undertaken by companies such as PwC to LinkedIn, featuring graphs and charts to further the visual focus for this week’s roundup.

It’s a piece that (above all) underlines that the future will be coming at a break-neck pace for the wealth management industry if they fail to meet the needs of the globe’s most prominent nascent investors.

Surveys & Standup

Thought-Leader-talkThe survey waves won’t stop crashing here, with CopyLab offering new insights into investment marketers’ views on the divisive thought leadership in this free white paper.

Ultimately, it is actually apparent that there is to be an increased importance of the medium within the fund marketing world, as more tech-minded online investors look to experienced heads in the investing space.

Plus, this article also incorporates an all-too-accurate portrayal of Thought Leadership speeches (humorously entitled This is That TALKS) from Pat Kelly, as he outlines every cliché in the presenter’s handbook in a tongue-in-cheek manner, and a phenomenally deadpan crowd to match. It’s worth a gander.


Brexit: Planning for the Year Ahead  28 MARCH 2018 | LONDON

Investment Association

Oh dear. Yes, the name featuring the ever-loathed ‘B word’ in the UK is always going to trigger a red alert, but the title also suggests the ever important planning that comes with it.

The Investment Association is soon hosting a conference tackling the problems that asset managers will have to face into the so-called ‘second phase’ of negotiations, most specifically the future of the regulatory environment.

It’s quite alarming that is only 12 months until the intended ‘leaving date’ for the UK within the European Union, making this informative event a must-attend for those looking to discover and understand the implications of Brexit on investment firms, notably compliance officers and legal teams.

And finally…

…after some dark insights from last week’s edition, as well as ongoing data privacy nightmares surrounding the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica debacle (with some interesting insights here – as if GDPR wasn’t enough), AMMF instead finishes here with a lighter mood.

Donkey-Kong-gamificationGamification is a wealth management matter that has gone under the radar for the past year, but now Citywire Wealth Manager has resurfaced the relevance of pioneering game development on customer loyalty and digital experiences that are the most prevalent issues for traditional financial firms.

Applications and robo-advisory services take so much inspiration from early-Nintendo offerings that it’s absurd for the gamification talk to slip away. As mentioned, 7IM and UBS are just two firms that embrace the digital influence that gaming brings.

If you think Donkey Kong has no relevance to money managers, please see here.

Rudyard-KiplingThis week also saw World Poetry Day. I could drone on about the droll stasis of Robert Lowell’s Skunk Hour or the bizarre humour and masterful enjambment of Frank O’Hara’s Why I Am Not a Painter, but Schroder’s Andrew Evans here hails Rudyard Kipling’s classic If as the perfect poem epitomising investment behaviour. Certainly an informative and timely piece of thought leadership done extremely well.

That’s all for this week, but be sure to check back soon for more asset management marketing highlights and fintech snippets from Kurtosys.

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