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This week’s round up brings you Brexit issues for the FCA, two global firsts, Latin America’s crypto craze and a digital wallet for kids.

Chris Cahill headshotChris Cahill
Is now ➜ Interim Marketing Director at Canada Life UK
Was: Head of Corporate Marketing at Canada Life UK


Jessica Corcoran headshotJessica Corcoran
Is now ➜ Senior Planner – Marketing Projects at Pensions Management Institute (PMI)
Was: Marketing Manager – Strategic Communications at Brooks Macdonald


June Doran headshotJune Doran
Is now ➜ Marketing Manager at Russell Investments
Was: Senior Marketing Executive at Russell Investments


Kurtosys expresses their best wishes to all starting in their new positions.

Website(s) Spotlight: PGIM


This week brings a smörgåsbord of investment website expertise, courtesy of investment management company umbrella PGIM, the asset management arm of Prudential Financial. You can view their parent website here.

The main page is articulately designed and makes splendid use of white space. This, broken up with blocks of PGIM’s striking royal blue brand, really adds to a classy feel and PGIM gets straight to business with calls to action to its company information pages and its insights pages too, which feature articles, infographics, white papers and video. The all-encompassing feel really does transcend through all of PGIM’s site features.

Featured insights are also given prominent placement on the succinct home page, along with links to PGIMs autonomous asset management businesses. The company has various subsidiaries all dedicated to particular asset classes. Each company is presented boldly in a block format and their assets and establishment dates are given.

As for these subsidiary pages, they are presented in very similar fashion to PGIM’s homepage, with a pie chart of their investment capabilities (which, as a small criticism, could be interactive for more design kudos) and useful insights. Each separate site houses a wealth of company information and literature libraries, showcasing the breadth of PGIM et al’s financial marketing.

PGIM’s offering certainly packs a punch, leaving its fund information to its various asset management companies, but does well to lead the user to these features, as well as presenting its regularly updated content through its main page.

Fund in Focus: First Trust Indxx Transaction and Process ETF


A (possible) world first now, with recent news that the Indxx Blockchain Index (confusing) has been licensed to First Trust Global Portfolios as the benchmark for a new ETF. ETFs that track the index are now available in the US, Canada and the EU.

The First Trust Indxx Transaction and Process ETF launch is (allegedly) the world’s first blockchain Ucits ETF, looking to invest in companies that are actively investing in the technology. These companies will need to have a daily turnover value of $1 million, and a market cap of $250 million. It will invest in a maximum of 100 stocks.

Blockchain technology seems to be taking the business world by storm, with advanced interest in the financial sector due to its connotations with cryptocurrencies. However, it is blockchain’s potential for efficiency and operational transparency that seems to be the winner for First Trust’s CEO Derek Fulton. Hence, the firm is looking to offer exposure to this attractive technology to keen investors whilst the blockchain hype continues to build.

Further information: Citywire Wealth Manager | Business Wire

Wealth Manager in Focus: BlockTerra Capital LLC

LA-dodgersThis is perhaps not a well known hedge fund, but fans of baseball and investing alike may be interested in this week’s focus on BlockTerra Capital: a cryptocurrency hedge fund whose CEO just so happens to be a minor leaguer by the name of Ty Adkison. He’s only 22 years old.

A man of many hats and talents, it seems. Ty retired from minor league baseball (he played with the LA Dodgers) to launch a hedge fund exclusively for athletes. This is rather coincidental news after we recently looked into the issue of investing for retired athletes, even stranger that is was specifically focused on ex-Yankees player Alex Rodriguez. Money management and baseball clearly has some sort of affinity – who knew?

Ty’s leaning towards bitcoin comes from years of experience looking into the space, himself being a self-confessed “tech geek”, and he’s clearly both living out, and is knowledgeable of, the life of the tech-savvy generation. Already, he has investors and 30 clients who are all professional baseball and football (US) players.

It’s certainly a wealth firm (and a CEO) to keep an eye on, with the “no one can stop crypto” mantra seemingly proving its worth, and bringing finance and investing into play with other industries at an increasingly fast rate.

Further information: CCN | Aol | The Orange County Register

Industry Insights

Addressing the issue

Workplace-harassmentMuch has been done recently to research the problem of workplace harassment following the #MeToo movement, and within financial services, WealthManagement surveyed over 300 workers in financial advisors about their experiences regarding harassment and discrimination.

The survey results are all here to transparently show a problem that is very real in the advisory space, as well as many other industries. These results are all pictured in salient infographics, and rather worryingly, it seems that many respondents felt that not enough was being done to address the issue, and many feel that the financial services industry remains very much ‘stuck in its ways’ rather than moving forward.

Hopefully that is a trend which the industry will look to change as soon as possible.

Back to the B Word

FCA-new-logoIt’s back, and it’s back to bite.

Fairly absolute is Citywire Wealth Manager’s claim that next year “will be dominated by Brexit”. Indeed, it is now little less than a year until the planned go-ahead date for Brexit to commence, and this week has seen the bad news for the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority who will assumedly be paying up to £30 million because of Britain’s exit from the European Union, as published in its business plan for the coming year.

The regulator will be spending the big bucks in order to find effective ways of exercising regulatory requirements and to focus on areas which could be harmed due to the withdrawal from the EU.

You can read about this news, the thoughts of Andrew Bailey, and the main priorities the FCA are looking at in the next 12 months here.

What’s Your Flava?


Yes, that is indeed the lead single from Craig David’s sophomore effort Slicker Than Your Average, but it also pertains to this article from a lead creative looking into what colours your financial services brand should utilise.

If it sounds trivial, it isn’t. Colours indeed have a remarkable way of altering one’s mood, and can be representative of feelings and experiences more than anything else. This article, for instance, mentions the importance of the colour red to, say, China and India’s national psyches.

Here, you can check out the two-tone usage from the world’s ‘top 50 banking brands’. It must be said, there’s an extremely large range, but it may provide some inspiration if your fund firm is looking for a lick of paint.

Fintech News: Cases for Crypto

Argentina-flagAMMF does tend to assess both sides of the bitcoin: the pros and cons of cryptocurrency investment, which fluctuate as much as the market itself. Well, following the aforementioned news of blockchain ETFs and Ty Adkison’s hedge fund, here’s some more positive news for crypto-disciples.

Latin America’s cryptocurrency efforts recently have largely been taken up by Venezuela’s ‘petro’ issues, but instead Buenos Aires was host to a ‘Bitcoin Day’, which highlighted Argentina’s (and actually much of South America’s) growing tolerance and love for cryptocurrencies. Many banks are becoming more open-minded to these technologies as partners to traditional banking methods. You can check out more insights from fintech heads over at CoinDesk.

Brazil-flagAnd if that wasn’t enough LATAM crypto-news for one week, here’s another world first!

Brazil has launched the globe’s first crypto-finance Master’s degree at Fundacao Getulio Vargas in Sao Paulo, as reported by Finance Magnates. Citing a lack of experience in the workplace as the reason for the setting up of degree, Richard Rochman is the program’s coordinator and part of a small movement in the country of universities bringing crypto-finance studies into their economics syllabus. This comes at a time when Brazil’s central bank governor Ilan Goldfajn discounted bitcoin as “a typical bubble”.

As mentioned before, cryptocurrency: it divides.


GDPR Forum For Asset Managers  26 APRIL 2018 | LONDON

Investment Association

With GDPR just around the bend, the Investment Association is hosting a GDPR forum specifically for the asset management industry. Bringing together senior management teams from various firms, this event will feature guest speakers discussing the legalities of the regulation, as well as practical implementation, DPOs and ‘myth-busting’.

The event falls almost exactly a month before GDPR’s due date, and you can register at the link above.

And finally…

Toy-dragon…back to cryptocurrency news briefly, there’s now a cryptocurrency wallet for kids.

Whether bemused, confused, intrigued or angered, you can read all about Pigzbe’s Wollo in Motherboard’s entertaining and factual article here.

Plus… oh dear. It’s an asset manager in the spotlight, but not for the right reasons.

As Citywire Wealth Manager details, Kingsbridge Asset Management is front-page financial news due to a tax avoidance scheme which has blighted 129 top football players. Financial advisors were using a film scheme, whereby investments from these footballers allowed for tax reductions in their salaries.

Following the recent news of Robbie Savage and Danny Murphy bringing up a lawsuit against Coutts, there’s plenty of controversial wealth advisory matters when it comes to football; a strange amount as we near the end of the football season and the start of the World Cup. And what about this week’s Champions League, right? 

That’s all for this week, but be sure to check back soon for more asset management marketing highlights and fintech snippets from Kurtosys.

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