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Experience Morningstar: The Inside Scoop at #MICUS

By Courtney McQuade on May 16, 2017
morningstar conference 2017

An Interview with Leslie Marshall, Head of Experiential Marketing at Morningstar I know what you’re thinking: Head of Experiential Marketing—what is that? Well now, hang on a second. When you think about it, social media is…

The Future of Marketing in Financial Services

By Courtney McQuade on April 20, 2017

Technology is a top priority for corporations across all industries as they look to capitalize on the advanced analytics available from big data. Marketing and sales strategies at financial firms have changed dramatically in recent years…

Smart Beta 2.0: Carving a New Pathway in the Wild West of ETFs

By Courtney McQuade on March 23, 2017
Smart Beta ETF Wild West

The world of smart beta is in its infancy. Traditional indexes are constructed based on market capitalization. Creative and resourceful individuals are turning the idea of index construction upside down on its head by introducing new…

Wealth Management: A Digital Perspective from April Rudin

By Courtney McQuade on March 16, 2017

April Rudin, a top marketing strategist for the financial services and wealth management sectors, founded her wealth management marketing firm in 2008 just as the fintech age began to ramp up, and it’s now exploding. With…

Embracing challenges is the key to success for this female fund manager’s journey

By Courtney McQuade on March 8, 2017
Gwen-Cheni Featured Image

In honor of International Women’s Day today, I’d like to shine a spotlight on an accomplished woman in the field of asset management. Women are severely underrepresented making up approximately 10% of the fund managers in…

Advisors: Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

By Courtney McQuade on January 26, 2017
financial advisors business next level

In this age of financial technology (fintech), advisors in all channels must find a way to differentiate themselves in order to survive and succeed. Overall, the financial services industry has been going through significant change at…

Robo-Advisors: It’s all about people

By Courtney McQuade on November 30, 2016

Investors today want to find a safe place to learn about investing where they feel comfortable enough to ask questions. Can FinTech and Robo-Advisors be the answer? I had the opportunity to speak with Krysten Merriman, head of marketing for…

Five Insights From The Women in Finance Power 100

By Courtney McQuade on November 24, 2016
Five Insights From The Women in Finance Power 100

While robo-advisors are quickly gaining popularity, many agree they’ll never replace the human touch. Why? Because investing has an emotional dimension to it. Most people would agree it’s confusing and scary. Add to that mix a…

How 6 Asset Managers Reacted to the US Election

By Courtney McQuade on November 22, 2016

It has been almost two weeks now since one of the most surprising nights in political history, with Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States of America. It is…

Investment Professionals: Don’t be a LinkedIn Luddite!

By Courtney McQuade on November 21, 2016

Social media is not the future. Social media is right now.    If you are a financial services professional, every day you’re not active on LinkedIn is a missed opportunity to connect with prospects, reinforce your…

Better than Vegas: Dreamforce 2016

By Courtney McQuade on October 28, 2016

This year, the world’s biggest software conference brought together over 170,000 attendees to enjoy four fun-filled days of powerful keynotes, networking events, 2,700 sessions and, of course, the parties. It didn’t take Artificial Intelligence to figure out…

Friday Fund Marketing Roundup #16

By Courtney McQuade on October 14, 2016
Fund Marketing Friday Ft Image

Welcome to our digital marketing round-up Here at Kurtosys we fall down the digital rabbit hole so you don’t have to. We’ve pulled out some of the best reports, eBooks and articles from the digital sphere,…