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Fund managers, who are you talking to?

By David Prosser on March 29, 2017

Fund managers who are targeting marketing materials and other communications at financial advisers may be surprised by just how many of them are outsourcing investment decisions. The intermediary sector is an obvious priority focus for fund…

Ten questions to ask when choosing new fund management software

By David Prosser on March 13, 2017

New tools and technologies will enable fund managers to embrace the opportunities presented by the rapidly-evolving asset management sector, but choose wisely. Technology is already a key battleground in the fund management sector, but as digital…

Brexit woes for UK fund managers

By David Prosser on February 15, 2017

Finally, we’re about to push the button. The Supreme Court ruling in January clears the way for Theresa May’s government to trigger Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon – once she has Parliament’s approval, that…

Why fund managers need to be better listeners

By David Prosser on February 7, 2017

Fund managers are good at communicating with investors and potential investors: they publish a broad range of information, some fund-specific, some not, and make imaginative use of creative design; they’re also increasingly savvy about the power…

Opportunity from adversity: why fund managers should welcome the FCA’s criticisms

By David Prosser on January 10, 2017
FCA Criticism

The Financial Conduct Authority’s interim report on the asset management sector could hardly be more damning. It accuses fund managers, particularly those who run active funds, of failing to do their job properly (since so few…

The People’s Trust: a new model for investor engagement?

By David Prosser on December 30, 2016

It’s fair to say Daniel Godfrey, the founder of The People’s Trust, a new investment company raising funds for a launch in 2017, has ruffled a few feathers over the years. He was once a combative…

Performance measurement and reporting: the next battleground

By David Prosser on December 6, 2016

How will asset managers adapt to the changing demographics of their client base, which will increasingly be dominated by digital savvy millennials in the years ahead? The challenge will be twofold; not only do these investors…

Content can be king for asset managers

By David Prosser on November 23, 2016

Asset managers increasingly believe that focusing on the customer experience is a crucial challenge as they explore digital transformation and how it might enable them to compete in the evolving marketplace. But what does that mean…

Asset managers get assertive: revisiting the Sports Direct case

By David Prosser on November 1, 2016

Activist investment on corporate governance matters has long been a delicate subject. While some asset managers and other institutional investors have always taken the view that responsible shareholders engage with companies through on-going discussion and active…

Blockchain: Why asset managers must stop standing on the sidelines

By David Prosser on October 18, 2016

There may be disagreement over when blockchain technologies will be widely adopted by capital markets and the rest of the financial services industry – and even over which applications offer the most alluring use cases –…

Are UK Fund Managers Jeopardising Transparency?

By David Prosser on October 4, 2016
UK fund manger transparency

Neil Woodford is used to making headlines, but his firm, Woodford Investment Management, is in the news for slightly different reasons right now. The UK’s best-known fund manager has announced he is to scrap bonuses at…

Why FinServ Companies are Still Failing to Attract Female Customers

By David Prosser on September 22, 2016
FinServ Still Failing to Attract Female Customers

Does your asset management firm struggle with a lack of female customers? If so, you’re almost certainly not alone – many financial services companies are failing to attract women and while 17 percent of men have…

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