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Blockchain: Why asset managers must stop standing on the sidelines

By David Prosser on October 18, 2016

There may be disagreement over when blockchain technologies will be widely adopted by capital markets and the rest of the financial services industry – and even over which applications offer the most alluring use cases –…

Are UK Fund Managers Jeopardising Transparency?

By David Prosser on October 4, 2016
UK fund manger transparency

Neil Woodford is used to making headlines, but his firm, Woodford Investment Management, is in the news for slightly different reasons right now. The UK’s best-known fund manager has announced he is to scrap bonuses at…

Why FinServ Companies are Still Failing to Attract Female Customers

By David Prosser on September 22, 2016
FinServ Still Failing to Attract Female Customers

Does your asset management firm struggle with a lack of female customers? If so, you’re almost certainly not alone – many financial services companies are failing to attract women and while 17 percent of men have…

What Does GDPR Mean for UK Advisers Post-Brexit?

By David Prosser on August 30, 2016

Asset managers tempted to relax when it comes to the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) now the UK has voted to leave the EU should think again. The GDPR comes into full effect…

Asset Management After Brexit: Why No News is Not Good News

By David Prosser on August 16, 2016
Asset Management After Brexit

If you’re in the fund management business, it doesn’t get much tougher than the sort of task that has faced firms including M&G, Aviva, Standard Life and Aberdeen since the Brexit vote. Each of them has…

Why Asset Managers Must Speak With One Voice

By David Prosser on August 3, 2016
asset manager voices ft image

We all say different things to different people from time to time, generally with confidence that a nuance here and an emphasis there won’t come back to haunt us. For asset managers, however, the risk of…

Does Cash Beat The Stock Market After All?

By David Prosser on July 12, 2016
Cash vs Shares ft Image

Could the dominance of exchange traded funds finally face a threat? New research that suggests passively-managed stock market exposure may not, after all, be the most productive asset allocation over the long term should give investors…

FinTech and Financial Services: Collaboration Over Competition

By David Prosser on June 30, 2016
Collaboration vs Competition

Large financial services businesses confronted by potentially disruptive new entrants to their markets have two possible choices about how they respond. The traditional reaction to competition is to take it on – to raise your game…

Asset Management: The New Fintech Frontier

By David Prosser on June 21, 2016
asset management and technology

The first fintechs made their name in sectors such as lending – witness the crowdfunding revolution – and payments, where disruptive new entrants are now market leaders in many cases. But while it is not surprising…

Has the FCA Forgotten Regulation as it Promotes Innovation?

By David Prosser on June 7, 2016
FCA regulation

The UK’s financial services regulator deserves credit for the way in which it has proactively sought to support innovation. The Financial Conduct Authority’s determination not to get in the way of technologies that promise huge benefits…

[:en]Delivering the Pensions Dashboard[:]

By David Prosser on May 16, 2016
pensions dashboard

[:en]It’s generally a good idea for governments and public bodies to stay out of private sector innovation – they may be able to help nurture an environment that is supportive to new ideas and ventures, but…

Fintech: threat or opportunity?

By David Prosser on April 18, 2016

What does the emergence of growing numbers of innovative and entrepreneurial fintech companies mean for the fund management industry? New research from PwC suggests there is good news and bad: a real possibility exists to harness…