Articles by David Prosser

Does Cash Beat The Stock Market After All?

By David Prosser on July 12, 2016
Cash vs Shares ft Image

Could the dominance of exchange traded funds finally face a threat? New research that suggests passively-managed stock market exposure may not, after all, be the most productive asset allocation over the long term should give investors…

FinTech and Financial Services: Collaboration Over Competition

By David Prosser on June 30, 2016
Collaboration vs Competition

Large financial services businesses confronted by potentially disruptive new entrants to their markets have two possible choices about how they respond. The traditional reaction to competition is to take it on – to raise your game…

Asset Management: The New Fintech Frontier

By David Prosser on June 21, 2016
asset management and technology

The first fintechs made their name in sectors such as lending – witness the crowdfunding revolution – and payments, where disruptive new entrants are now market leaders in many cases. But while it is not surprising…

Has the FCA Forgotten Regulation as it Promotes Innovation?

By David Prosser on June 7, 2016
FCA regulation

The UK’s financial services regulator deserves credit for the way in which it has proactively sought to support innovation. The Financial Conduct Authority’s determination not to get in the way of technologies that promise huge benefits…

Delivering the Pensions Dashboard

By David Prosser on May 16, 2016
pensions dashboard

It’s generally a good idea for governments and public bodies to stay out of private sector innovation – they may be able to help nurture an environment that is supportive to new ideas and ventures, but…

Fintech: threat or opportunity?

By David Prosser on April 18, 2016

What does the emergence of growing numbers of innovative and entrepreneurial fintech companies mean for the fund management industry? New research from PwC suggests there is good news and bad: a real possibility exists to harness…

Gearing up for the robo-advice generation

By David Prosser on April 4, 2016
robo human handshake

Does robo-advice represent the solution for the ‘advice gap’ that many fear has developed since the retail distribution review (RDR) reforms that came into effect three years ago? Regulators certainly think it can be part of…

Big data and asset managers have to mix [full stop]

By David Prosser on March 17, 2016
big data

The big data phenomenon is often described as being all about volume, variety and velocity – that is, more data of greater diversity is being processed at an accelerated speed. It’s a concept that asset management…

Financial Services Firms Need to Find Their Own ‘Digital Ninjas’

By David Prosser on March 1, 2016

It is a paradox. Financial services is a digital business: its customer base – and the assets of these customers – are held and maintained almost entirely in digital form. The industry, moreover, is desperate to…

ETFs: When Active Meets Passive

By David Prosser on February 18, 2016

What on earth is an active ETF? Everyone knows that exchange traded funds are passive vehicles that aim to mirror the performance of a particular market benchmark – so how can the trend towards active ETFs,…

Firms Move Ahead of Regulation and Push for Innovation

By David Prosser on February 4, 2016

Some nine years after the global financial crisis broke, is the financial services industry finally beginning to look to the future? The eighth instalment of Capgemini’s annual study of the sector’s priorities for IT investment suggests…

Data Privacy: FinTech Opportunity or Threat?

By David Prosser on January 19, 2016

What do new data protection rules agreed across the European Union mean for innovation in the fintech space? The reforms, finally signed off in December after years of arguments, introduce a common set of rules across…