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A former SEC Commissioner’s perspective on the DOL Fiduciary Rule

By Gerritt Graham on July 28, 2016
DOL fidicuary ruling

An interview with Dan Gallagher, former SEC Commissioner As part of our Kurtosys Insights series, we caught up with Dan to get his views on the effects of the DOL’s Fiduciary ruling, a potential Trump presidency,…

6 Elements of the Perfect Secure Portal [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Gerritt Graham on November 24, 2015
6 Elements of the Perfect Secure Portal for wealth management

If you are a wealth manager or fund administrator, then you probably use a secure portal to distribute data and documents to your advisors and investors. But as users become increasingly tech-savvy and almost two-thirds (65%) of…

The Unstoppable Growth of ETFs [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Gerritt Graham on November 6, 2015
Exchange Traded Funds

Just a decade ago, exchange traded funds assets under management totaled $230 billion in the United States. Now, ETFs, the little three letter acronym, has a not-so-little total of $2 trillion AUM. Industry experts are excited for the market…

What it Takes to Bring Fund Data to Life on Your Website

By Gerritt Graham on May 18, 2015

We recently ranked the top 20 fund manager websites in both the United States and Europe in one of our most popular blog posts yet. We used the sites’ fund tools (e.g. fund performance tables and…

5 Things We Can Automate In Your Fund Factsheets

By Gerritt Graham on April 24, 2015
Fund Factsheet Automation

Automating manual processes, like fund factsheet creation, is simple and advantageous. It saves time, reduces costs, lightens up the workload and minimizes errors. Nonetheless, many firms are still manually and inefficiently creating fund factsheets. Technology does…

Fund Websites: Marketers Take Over [video]

By Gerritt Graham on December 5, 2014

Move over IT! Fund marketers are taking control of the firm’s website and turning it into a modern conversion machine. How can marketers optimize their online storefront for prospects? We answered with our webinar on best…

Four Lessons from Dad on Father’s Day

By Gerritt Graham on June 12, 2014

Just in case you forgot, Father’s Day is this weekend. On the third Sunday of every June in the US, UK and Canada, we honor our dads with sentimental praise and hopefully in my case, hours…