Articles by Hannah Smith

Insurtech: Five ways insurers are getting ahead in a digital world

By Hannah Smith on January 3, 2017

After 100 years of doing the same old thing, the insurance market has experienced huge changes over the last decade. The world’s biggest insurance players are making significant investments in new technology, and partnering with small,…

“We need you to make it go viral.” What’s the secret to viral marketing?

By Hannah Smith on November 15, 2016

I always thought the whole point of something ‘going viral’ on the internet was that it happens spontaneously. A funny tweet, a photo of a weird-looking dog, or a video clip of a politician’s embarrassing gaffe…

UCITS and the rebirth of hedge funds

By Hannah Smith on October 25, 2016

Hedge funds as a whole have struggled to perform in the last couple of years, with mediocre returns dragging down the average, despite decent returns from a few standout funds. In 2015, hedge funds delivered their…

The KIDs aren’t alright: PRIIPs bring problems for fund marketers

By Hannah Smith on October 11, 2016
investor risk

Perhaps the greatest challenge of fund marketing is figuring out how best to convey complex information to potential customers. The material produced needs to be clear, accurate, engaging, and compliant with current regulation. But it is…

The Stakes are High for Wealth Managers in a Digital Future

By Hannah Smith on September 15, 2016
The stakes are high for wealth managers in a digital future

Wealth managers risk losing more than half their net income if they fail to deliver the digital experience clients now expect, a new report suggests. Capgemini’s World Wealth Report 2016 says firms offering poor digital experiences…

Could ‘Gamification’ Make Millennials Care About Pensions?

By Hannah Smith on July 18, 2016
Pension gamifcation ft image

With Britain’s exit from the EU being largely decided by ‘the grey vote’, things look worse than ever for downtrodden Millennials. Financial commentators are warning that Brexit means we will all be drawing our pensions later,…

Robo-Advice Breaks New Ground with Hedge Fund for the Masses

By Hannah Smith on June 16, 2016

Retail investors are coming in from the cold. No longer content to stick with the ‘safe option’ of low yielding traditional asset classes, they want to get in on the action at the top end of…

The dark side of tech innovation: FCA flags five big risks

By Hannah Smith on May 24, 2016
tech innovation risk

Most in the financial services industry love to moan about the FCA. Although there are many reasons you might not love the regulator, you can’t argue that it’s pretty forward-thinking when it comes to fintech. In…

Nothing more than feelings: Marketing in the emotional economy

By Hannah Smith on April 25, 2016
emotional intelligence

‘Feelings, nothing more than feelings…..’ so the old song goes. Anyone in the business of selling knows that they will only be successful if they can align their brands with their customers’ wants, needs and, most…

Beyond YouTube: Online video is the future of marketing

By Hannah Smith on April 11, 2016
video marketing

The incredible popularity of digital video has completely reshaped the way we consume content. But it’s not just about YouTube anymore. Facebook sees eight billion average daily video views from 500 million users, and has already…

How can online fund tools be more user-friendly? Four examples of best practice

By Hannah Smith on March 30, 2016
user experience fund tools

What makes a fantastic fund tool? The benchmark is now higher than ever, because digitally-savvy investors are demanding the kind of user experience they get from their favourite social networks, news outlets and retailers across all…

Banks Embrace Biometric Technology… But How Could it Help Marketers?

By Hannah Smith on March 8, 2016

I recently wrote this piece about the future of high street banks, and how different they might look in just a few short years. Sure enough, big changes are already afoot, with a leading UK bank…