Articles by John Greenwood

A Rosetta Stone for Pension Assets

By John Greenwood on November 8, 2016

Six months from now a prototype pension data interface will be unveiled that will unlock the secrets of £800bn of defined contribution (DC) pension assets. The Treasury’s choice of Aviva’s Digital Garage in London’s Shoreditch Tech…

Human Advisors Have the Emotional Edge Over Robo-Advisors, For Now

By John Greenwood on October 6, 2016
Emotional robo-advisors

A raised eyebrow, wince or frown – surely these are precisely the things the flesh-and-blood adviser can identify that his or her robo counterpart will never be able to. Well perhaps that is no longer the…

‘Insurtech’- How FinTech Start-Ups are Using Big Data to Revolutionise Insurance

By John Greenwood on August 9, 2016
Insurtech ft image

When it comes to combining fintech and big data, few areas have quite so much potential as the insurance sector. Yes, data on your customer’s habits, predilections and circumstances helps in all areas of marketing –…

Twenty-First Century Wealth Management: A Question of Trust

By John Greenwood on July 27, 2016
C21st wealth management: Question of trust ft image

It’s surprising how long the wealth management sector has managed to get away with a ‘trust us and don’t ask too many questions’ approach. True, most people want to leave the complicated stuff to the experts,…

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