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Kurtosys expands senior team with appointment of new CRO, Marc Schraer

By Luke Hinchliffe on September 6, 2019
Marc Schraer

NEW YORK, USA – (September 5, 2019) – Kurtosys, the cloud-first enterprise experience platform for the financial services industry, has strengthened its executive team with the appointment of Marc Schraer as Chief Revenue Officer. As CRO Marc…

The Top 50 Asset Managers by AUM [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Luke Hinchliffe on July 4, 2019
The Top 50 Asset Managers by AUM

IPE recently published their latest list of the Top 400 global asset managers based on assets under management, so in true Kurtosys marketing style, we decided to create an infographic featuring the top 50 asset managers…

Kurtosys to exhibit at Morningstar Investment Conference 2019

By Luke Hinchliffe on March 30, 2019

Kurtosys is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at 2019’s Morningstar Investment Conference. As one of the globe’s largest investment industry events, this year it takes place across three days from 8-10 May at Morningstar’s…

Generali Investments launches new fund tools features using Kurtosys

By Luke Hinchliffe on November 28, 2018
Generali Investments phase 2

Generali Investments have recently gone live with a new version of their website platform powered by Kurtosys. Back in September 2017, Generali Investments launched a major new website using the Kurtosys platform, as part of a…

Why asset managers need to start thinking about voice search

By Luke Hinchliffe on November 26, 2018

Unless you’ve been offline for the last year or so, you will be aware of the rise of voice-based search and seen at least one voice-based gadget in someone’s kitchen. You may already be a seasoned…

8 Elements of a Great Fund Explorer [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Luke Hinchliffe on August 20, 2018
kurtosys fund explorer

Firstly, what is a fund explorer? AKA a Fund Center, a fund explorer is simply a web page that is dedicated to displaying all of an asset manager’s investment products in one place. They are normally…

Asset Manager Websites Then & Now

By Luke Hinchliffe on April 30, 2018
Asset Manager Websites Then & Now

It’s now been 28 years since computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web back in 1990. Not many people will remember browsing the internet much until later that decade, when many companies created the first…

What’s in your marketing tech stack?

By Luke Hinchliffe on April 25, 2018
What’s in your marketing tech stack

Have you ever stopped to consider how much marketing technology you are currently using at work? We are now so immersed in technology to facilitate our daily work, we rarely stop to look at the whole…

Why they call this digital project manager “the fixer”

By Luke Hinchliffe on March 29, 2018

An interview with Amanda Curran, who leads Project Management & Digital Implementation at AllianceBernstein   Tell us about your role at AllianceBernstein I’m a project manager and fall under the digital project management team. What tends…

Choosing a CMS for your investment website: 9 considerations

By Luke Hinchliffe on March 1, 2018
Choosing a CMS

Choosing a new content management system for any website can be challenging, but for an investment management website there are even more factors to consider. Implementation for a new website solution is not to be taken…

Kurtosys sponsors the Cross-Border Distribution Conference, Luxembourg

By Luke Hinchliffe on January 16, 2018
Cross-Border Distribution

This year, Kurtosys are proud to be gold sponsors of the Cross-Border Distribution Conference on the 30th of January in Luxembourg. In an event hosted by Deloitte and Elvinger Hoss Prussen, the sixth annual conference promises to be…

Why fund managers need to watch their language

By Luke Hinchliffe on December 5, 2017

With the nature of asset management changing all the time, it’s important that fund managers are flexible enough to adapt to market conditions in order to achieve their aim of increasing assets under management (AuM). With…