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A Decade of Fund Flows in One Infographic

By Luke Hinchliffe on February 3, 2014
10 Years of Fund Flows

Our new infographic shows fund flows as a percent of total assets over the past 10 years Some so-called “emerging markets” from 2004 look decidedly mainstream today, while other “safe bets” have been thrown into disarray….

Asset Management in Europe [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Luke Hinchliffe on January 15, 2014
Asset Management in Europe (INFOGRAPHIC)

Continuing our theme of asset management infographics, here’s one we created on Asset Management in Europe, based on data from the European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA). Key asset management stats in Europe Behind the U.S.,…

Kurtosys Secures $8M in Series C Funding; Triangle Peak Partners Joins as New Investor

By Luke Hinchliffe on December 19, 2013

New York, NY — Kurtosys Systems, a leading FinTech software company for asset managers, has secured $8 million in Series C financing from Triangle Peak Partners and existing investor, True Ventures. The investment will be used to…

Why Is Blue So Popular with Financial Brands?

By Luke Hinchliffe on November 12, 2013
Why Is Blue So Popular With Financial Brands?

Last month, I posted a blog showcasing 19 of the best-designed asset management websites. I’m pleased to say it’s become one of our most popular posts – so thanks everyone for sharing it! When I popped…

Who’s Your Average Mutual Fund Investor? [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Luke Hinchliffe on October 30, 2013
Characteristics of Mutual Fund Investors

? Jump to Infographic ? How old is the typical mutual fund investor. Did she go to college? Is she a “she” or far more likely to be a “he?” How many mutual fund investors are…

Old vs New Ways to Create a Fund Fact Sheet [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Luke Hinchliffe on October 18, 2013
Old vs New ways to create a fund fact sheet

7  comparisons between the old and new methods of fund fact sheet production In the battle to win the hearts and minds of investors, what is your fund marketing department doing to win them over? Let’s…

19 of the Best-Designed Asset Management Websites

By Luke Hinchliffe on October 16, 2013
Best-Designed Asset Management Websites

New in 2018: The 50 Best-Designed Asset Management Websites When an advisor clicks on your asset management website, they begin forming opinions straight away… and those opinions make a difference. According to Kasina, 59.7% of advisors…

UK Asset Management in Figures 2012-2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Luke Hinchliffe on August 19, 2013
IMA UK asset management survey infographic

An infographic based on the 2012-2013 UK Asset Management survey from the Investment Management Association (IMA). UK assets under management and funds under management are at record levels, and the UK retains its position as the second…

25 Tools for Awesome Information Design

By Luke Hinchliffe on July 31, 2013
Tools for Information Web Design

As a follow up to my post last year “A Financial Web Designer’s Toolkit” I thought it was time to revisit some of the tools that our team here have used or shared recently. When it…

Recent Mutual Fund Trends Part 2 [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Luke Hinchliffe on July 26, 2013

Kurtosys presents some recent U.S. mutual fund developments from ICI’s 2013 Investment Company Fact Book. See the trends affecting the demand for equity, bond, hybrid and money market funds. Part 1 of this infographic can be found here. Source:…

UK Funds Under Management (INFOGRAPHIC)

By Luke Hinchliffe on July 15, 2013
Funds under management infographic

Top 50 UK Companies by Total Retail and Institutional Funds under Management, including unit trusts, OEICs and ISAs. Based on the IMA Monthly Company Rankings (May 2013). Source: See how Kurtosys makes Fund Marketing efficient, interactive…

Recent Mutual Fund Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Luke Hinchliffe on June 4, 2013

Recent Mutual Fund Trends based on the ICI 2013 Investment Company Fact Book – A Review of Trends and Activities in the U.S. Investment Company Industry. Source: May 2013 compilation from the 2013 Investment Company Fact Book…