Articles by Luke Hinchliffe

20 Inspiring Signup or "Create Account" Pages

By Luke Hinchliffe on December 11, 2011

Getting users to signup or register to a site is, for some businesses, the single most important page on their website. If there is money involved, then the design of that page is even more critical –…

Kurtosys Systems are proud to support the Heroes Rugby Challenge

By Luke Hinchliffe on November 10, 2011
Heroes Rugby Challenge

At Kurtosys, we’re used to helping financial organisations build websites, create mobile apps or set up online communities with Q&A functionality, but it’s not so often that we press these skills into service to promote a…

Kurtosys launches their new interactive analytical web tools service for asset managers, Kurtosys Tools.

By Luke Hinchliffe on October 24, 2011
fund tools

Kurtosys Systems Limited announced today that their new interactive analytical web tools service, Kurtosys Tools, part of Kurtosys’ Digital Communications Platform, is now available for asset managers. Underpinned by Kurtosys Web, our leading web content management…

Prudential select Kurtosys as their partner for fund factsheet production across Asia

By Luke Hinchliffe on September 21, 2011
prudential factsheets

Kurtosys is delighted to announce that Prudential Corporation Asia’s fund business will implement Kurtosys’ reporting solution for fund factsheet production throughout their operations in Asia. The solution, part of Kurtosys’ Digital Marketing and Client Communications Platform,…

True University: Kurtosys expects…

By Luke Hinchliffe on June 30, 2011
True University

This July, some members of Kurtosys are heading back to school! Or to be more precise, going to Berkeley University campus in California for two days to be a part of True University. True Ventures are early…