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Has there really been no change in asset management?

By Mash Patel on May 9, 2019

Another year, another conference season. Yet, it feels sad to report that nothing much – if anything at all – seems to have changed in asset management. It is now over a decade since the last…

What the FCA’s PS19/4 means for fund marketers

By Mash Patel on March 12, 2019
fund factsheets montage

Asset management is but another industry undergoing massive change. Whilst the speculative microscope can often shine on digital transformation (equally important, that must be said), compliance teams and marketers must also be aware of regulatory rules…

Digital tide turns towards institutional sales and marketing

By Mash Patel on March 5, 2018

The last 3 years have seen a big shift in attitude towards “digital transformation” across the investment industry. The range of this change has been broad, and firms of all sizes across mutual funds/ETFs, private client…

Moving to the cloud will make asset management more secure

By Mash Patel on November 20, 2017

The best way to ensure the security of the data your organisation holds is to keep all IT systems in house and on site, right? Well, no. This actually isn’t the case. The number of high-profile…

Fund managers need to go straight to consumers

By Mash Patel on October 25, 2017

While fund managers can be forgiven for not prioritising marketing activities when allocating their budgets right now – MiFID II compliance activities are obviously at the top of the list – there is a massive shift…

The New Wave of Asset Management

By Mash Patel on September 12, 2017

We’ve been told a lot of things about millennials in the recent past. How they’re lazy. How they’re not lazy. How they are killing certain industries. And how they don’t have any money. There is a…

Wealth managers beware: digital client servicing is no longer an option

By Mash Patel on July 12, 2017
digital client servicing

The wealth management industry is at a cross roads. Increasingly high costs of client servicing, a lack of successful investment in technology and changing demands from clients are all combining to reap havoc on the industry….

A Digital Outlook for 2017 and Beyond

By Mash Patel on January 4, 2017

By most measures, it was a pretty normal day in the City of London. The date was 18th November 2016 and for most people in the asset management industry, it was business as usual. Whilst the…

MiFID II Level 2: Sales, Distribution & Marketing…are you miffed?

By Mash Patel on October 3, 2016
MiFID-II Level 2

Firstly, I’d like to start with a disclosure: This blog is not about the legal interpretation of MiFID or an analysis of the detailed prose of the directive and associated legislation. If you do want to…

Digital Factsheets – The Future has Arrived

By Mash Patel on June 15, 2016
fund factsheets montage

The FundForum conference, this year held in the more austere setting of Berlin, always seems to infuse some much needed energy into our industry and provide executives with their annual opportunity to reflect on the challenges…

Blockchain can change financial services forever, if given the chance

By Mash Patel on May 3, 2016
blockchain financial services

Recently, our chief executive – Mash Patel – put pen to paper for TechCityNews to talk about the emergence of blockchain and what it could do for the financial services world. Supported by PwC, Barclays, KPMG,…

Why We Stand by Cloud Adoption and Our Unified Data Model

By Mash Patel on July 13, 2015

We @kurtosys are passionate about our tagline, “Beautiful Software”. We’re proud of the significant technological innovations we have made over the last few years that lie beneath this tagline and equally as proud as seeing the fruition…