Articles by Patrick McKenna

Does the world of finance need a better DXM platform?

By Patrick McKenna on May 16, 2019

At Kurtosys, we think so. For the past four years, we have completely reimagined how financial services firms need to respond to the unstoppable force of digital transformation. Simply put, digital transformation means using technology to…

8 Reasons why not all content management systems are created equal

By Patrick McKenna on July 4, 2018

Most enterprise content management systems do not cater for the particular needs of asset managers and require large amounts of custom coding to bring them up to standard, leading to extended delivery timeframes and requiring expensive…

Introducing Kurtosys DocPress & Enhanced Admin Features

By Patrick McKenna on March 14, 2018
kurtosys docpress

We’re excited to announce the latest release of Kurtosys which includes the launch of our latest document production and distribution technology: DocPress. We’ve also made some changes to the user interface and introduced some major enhancements…

See all of your fund data in one aggregated view

By Patrick McKenna on March 21, 2017

An integral part of the FundPress app is the ‘Funds’ tab within the data hub. Within this section, you can manage all properties, allocations, statistics and timeseries data associated with Fund, Class or Benchmark entities. You have…

How to manage fund entitlements using segmentation lists

By Patrick McKenna on March 1, 2017
FundPress Segmentation

FundPress allows you to control the fund or share class data that can be shown to different investor groups on your website. You can set up customized rules for what funds should be available for each…

How to author and manage fund data commentaries using FundPress

By Patrick McKenna on February 22, 2017
FundPress Commentaries

Our FundPress cloud-based platform makes authoring, publishing and managing your fund commentaries a streamlined exercise, with the workflow centralized all in one place. A user can add a new ‘commentary type’ within the Data Dictionary tab,…

How to centrally manage all your fund disclaimers and approval workflow

By Patrick McKenna on February 16, 2017
FundPress Disclaimer Management

One of the key benefits of FundPress is that it offers a centralized Disclaimer Management System for marketers. This feature is a great time-saver as you can author, as well as build out an entire workflow…

Manage your global data properties with FundPress translations

By Patrick McKenna on February 2, 2017
fundpress translations

If you’re working with fund data across multiple countries, then you’ll already be familiar with translations and probably a translation vendor, but they might not be centrally housed with all your data in one place. That’s…

Kurtosys releases major feature update to FundPress

By Patrick McKenna on January 28, 2017
Data Healthcheck

LONDON – 28 January 2017. We’re delighted to announce the latest release of FundPress, which includes a number of major feature updates. Whilst our FundPress customers are already enjoying the core benefits such as Data Healthcheck, Data…

Data Healthcheck highlights fund data issues before they go live

By Patrick McKenna on December 18, 2016
Data Healthcheck

For many of our customers, bad data is one of the biggest stressors they grapple with on a regular basis. While we cannot fix your downstream systems, with FundPress’s Healthcheck feature we can tell you when data…

SEO Tips for Investment Professionals

By Patrick McKenna on August 2, 2016
SEO or investment professionals

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a mastery of techniques to help increase the amount of visitors to your website. SEO tips and tricks do this by helping you obtain a high-ranking placement in the natural search results of…

Democratizing QA: How Automated Testing Tools Empower Teams

By Patrick McKenna on September 17, 2015

Sometimes I wonder how quality assurance (QA) got this bad. Humanity’s engineering achievements are nothing short of mind blowing. Buildings that reach the stars, tunnels bored under cities, bridges that span seas. But when it comes…