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Asset Management Websites through the Looking Glass into 2014

By Mash Patel on November 26, 2013
Through the Looking Glass

Are you planning an extraordinary digital channel for your brand, or another vanity website? During 2013 we’ve given a lot of airtime to user experience and the power of making digital journeys simple, intuitive and fast….

Scorpio Partnership Picturing the Future of Wealth Management, Marketing and Engagement

By Mash Patel on October 24, 2013
Scorpio cartoon: A window on wealth

The world of wealth is changing its destiny… …at least according to Seb Dovey, Managing Partner at Scorpio Partnership, who has just released a pictorial representation of the key issues that the wealth management industry needs…

New Online Advisor Portal from JP Morgan Asset Management

By Bobby Peacock on October 22, 2013

A new online portal from JP Morgan Asset Management has just been released, adding another string to the brand’s digital bow just days after sister brand JP Morgan Chase won an award for social marketing excellence…

Advisor portals – A doorway to asset growth

By Hazel McHugh on August 29, 2013

Ask Google to define “portal” and it offers up “a doorway, gate, or other entrance.” Tap in “Web portal” and Wikipedia suggests a website which collects information from various sources, before bringing it all together in…

Pie charts lie: Data visualization tips for asset managers

By Matt Stone on June 20, 2013
Data Visualization

In the last post, we promised to share some tips from Edward Tufte, the recognized pioneer and master of graphically displaying information. Tufte has produced several books on graphical excellence that bring to life the gap…

Stories that sell: Data visualization in fund marketing and client reporting

By Matt Stone on June 12, 2013

“Much of the wealth management industry profits from making simple things complicated and then charging to translate them.”   — Nick Hungerford of (BBC radio 4 interview) Most people think fund management is complicated. Regardless of…

Banish BAU and unleash the power within your organization

By Hazel McHugh on March 12, 2013

When we wrote about digital disruption becoming the clients’ best friend, we didn’t just mean digital media, or digital tools, like the ones we build. We meant the type of digital disruption that makes it possible…

Retail Distribution Review: In The Beginning

By Helen Foran on February 5, 2013

It’s a little early for a post-implementation review but, one month in, the Kurtosys blog is taking a look at the impact of RDR so far…  The Retail Distribution Review was six and a half years…

Part II: Engagement is the journey, loyalty is the destination

By Helen Foran on November 6, 2012

In our last post on customer engagement, we looked at what this means in a virtual world for wealth managers.  But that’s just step one.  Whilst you might have been persuaded that customer engagement is the…

Engagement is the Journey, Loyalty is the Destination

By Helen Foran on October 30, 2012

With increased competition and commoditisation in the market place, wealth managers are seeing growing levels of churn with challenging implications for profitability.   A recent study of high net worth individuals by KPMG highlighted that 45%…

A Survey of Investors Preferences: Online, Reporting & Mobile [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Luke Hinchliffe on August 22, 2012
A Survey of Investors Preferences

A survey of investors preferences regarding online access to fund marketing data, fund reporting services and mobile accessibility.

Information Overload – (Part 2)

By Hazel McHugh on August 16, 2012

Last time, I talked about why financial services is really just as much about information – about communication – as it is about numbers and complex fund predictions.  And then I touched on why the growth…