Client Servicing

Information Overload – (Part 1)

By Hazel McHugh on August 14, 2012

There’s a common mis-conception that financial services is exclusively a numbers game; that it’s all about returns, interest rates and performance graphs. In fact, whether you service institutional investors and pension funds or Joe Bloggs on…

Protecting your digital footprint

By Hazel McHugh on August 10, 2012
Digital footprint

They call it ego-surfing. An idle moment here and there and curiosity gets the better of you. You enter your own name into Google and see what comes up. There will be a few social networking…

Brilliant Mind

By Hazel McHugh on July 18, 2012
Wobbly Table

What matters most to investors? Growth, security and income all come high on the list, of course. But what about the emotional side of investing? Isn’t a critical part of an adviser’s role to try and…

Introducing what investors really want…

By Hazel McHugh on June 28, 2012

A new survey of investors’ preferences regarding online access to fund marketing data, fund reporting services and mobile accessibility. Day in, day out, Kurtosys solve fund reporting problems.  We fix data issues, transform client reports and…

Kurtosys survey reveals that investor satisfaction hinges on reporting quality, interactivity & mobile

By Luke Hinchliffe on June 26, 2012
A Survey of Investors Preferences

London, UK — 26 June 2012 – A recent Kurtosys survey into investors’ preferences in fund reporting showed that client satisfaction hinges on the design and quality of reporting, interactive tools and mobile capability. 98% of…

What price safety?

By Hazel McHugh on June 22, 2012

We often use the Kurtosys blog to talk about how technology promotes. We’ve got a similar theme this time, but first some good news for investors! Inflation fell to 2.8% in May, the lowest for two…

Trust issues and why financial advice might be all in the mind

By Hazel McHugh on June 14, 2012

A person’s relationship with money can get complicated. You don’t need me to tell you that. Many of you are financial professionals with first-hand experience of how complex financial advice can become. It’s not just the…

What price client reports?

By Hazel McHugh on June 11, 2012
number 1s

What price client reports? What attracts new investors?  What encourages those you have to stick around rather than jump ship for the latest rising star? They are both “million dollar questions” but are also, fortunately, well…

Wealth Management – A new style in client expectations

By Hazel McHugh on June 8, 2012

There are many internal factors that are changing wealth management – those familiar pressures like regulation, margin squeeze and investor confidence that we discussed in our last post, a new era of client reporting. There are external developments…

A new era in client reporting

By Hazel McHugh on June 6, 2012

A unique set of forces, currently shaping the next generation of wealth management, have catapulted client reporting into pole position.  It has arguably never been as important as it is today to produce client reports that…

Client reporting: Exceeding expectations for a brighter future

By Hazel McHugh on
Client report

Over the next few posts, we will be taking a look at why the wealth management sector is entering a new era of client reporting.  We’ll consider the market forces that make excellent client servicing more…

Secure Portals: 10 Essential Factors That Will Save You Time and Money

By Mash Patel on May 4, 2012

After about 10 years in existence, the concept of a Secure Portal in the asset management industry is reaching it’s first cycle. Many firms are now considering the next generation portals and their portal strategy; here at Kurtosys we…