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A new era in client reporting

By Hazel McHugh on June 6, 2012

A unique set of forces, currently shaping the next generation of wealth management, have catapulted client reporting into pole position.  It has arguably never been as important as it is today to produce client reports that…

Client reporting: Exceeding expectations for a brighter future

By Hazel McHugh on
Client report

Over the next few posts, we will be taking a look at why the wealth management sector is entering a new era of client reporting.  We’ll consider the market forces that make excellent client servicing more…

Secure Portals: 10 Essential Factors That Will Save You Time and Money

By Mash Patel on May 4, 2012

After about 10 years in existence, the concept of a Secure Portal in the asset management industry is reaching it’s first cycle. Many firms are now considering the next generation portals and their portal strategy; here at Kurtosys we…

Dying a digital death

By Hazel McHugh on April 19, 2012

What happens when you die online? has become the question on a thousand lips, or at least a fair number of media websites and blogs.  Much of the interest is thanks to a campaign launched by…

Customer WOW – great idea, but how do you get there?

By Dean Colegate on January 31, 2012
client servicing

I read a book recently called Raving Fans by Ken Blanchard & Sheldon Bowles. Ken is one of the authors behind the One Minute Manager series and Raving Fans is written in the same parable style…

The 25 worst passwords to protect your account with

By Hazel McHugh on January 25, 2012

It seems that risks to data security and an ever increasing list of passwords and log-ons have a pretty much equal capacity to annoy and upset financial consumers. Whilst protecting personal information is one of the…

Out with the old, in with the new: 3 ways to boost inbound marketing

By Hazel McHugh on November 4, 2011

The way in which products and services are bought, sold or talked about is undergoing a seismic shift.  This infographic from Mashable is just the latest article to report to suggest that the days of outbound…

Too much financial data: How the growth in information is threatening to spin out of control

By Hazel McHugh on October 16, 2011
Too much financial data

In 2010, the then Google CEO Eric Schmidt told a technology conference that “every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilisation up until 2003”.  Whilst that statement’s…

Mobile app: 4 reasons you need a mobile app for that

By Hazel McHugh on July 8, 2011
kurtosys apps

Running your bank account, monitoring funds and even stock trading via mobile phones is set to become a daily reality for 2.2 billion global consumers within the next 5 years.  Whilst you might still be at…

Client reporting…what’s all the fuss (and cost) about?

By Mash Patel on April 21, 2011
client reporting

“Client reporting is about transparency.  Client reporting is about data.  Client reporting is about the client.”  Sound familiar?  Chances are it will if you’ve attended a client reporting conference within the last 5 years.  In fact,…