This month’s round up presents the ongoing Bitcoin vs Ethereum battle, banking news from Spain, and the British and Irish Lions Fund XV.

Bitcoiners Are Freaking Out Over ‘The Flippening’
by Daniel Oberhaus

Vitalik Buterin explains Ethereum

Girl Scouts Badges List Will Add Cybersecurity Next Year
by Adnan Farooqui

Bloomberg View
Here’s What the Banco Popular Post-Mortem Shows
by Ferdinando Giugliano

CityWire Wealth Manager
Investment funds tour: Psigma IM’s Lions XV
by Psigma Team

How Fund Managers Succeeded at Digital Marketing in June
by Andrew Byford

The Financial Brand
Hide and Seek: Six Banks Using Scavenger Hunts To Generate Buzz

4 Content Marketing Lessons From Netflix
by Dennis Williams

Courtney’s Cheat Sheet

Webinar: Cybersecurity and the New Definition of ‘Adequate’

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Elliot Burr

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