While robo-advisors are quickly gaining popularity, many agree they’ll never replace the human touch. Why? Because investing has an emotional dimension to it. Most people would agree it’s confusing and scary. Add to that mix a new generation of millennial investors who don’t seem to trust anything, and the challenge of overcoming these obstacles becomes formidable.

One way you can reach investors today to educate, build credibility and trust is through social media. If handled correctly, it is a medium which allows one to convey personality, knowledge and even a sense of humor. Yes, social media is a powerful marketing tool giving you reach to audiences you may not normally have the opportunity to connect with. It humanizes brands giving readers direct, personal contact. While the financial industry has notoriously been late to the game, those who have caught on are finding the immense value.

Five Insights From The Women in Finance Power 100

We’ve been tracking the most influential financial women on Twitter sharing weekly updates through #WFPower100. Through their posts we’ve found them to be financial educators, FinTech advocates and extremely supportive of one another. Recently, we had the opportunity to speak with five of these women to gain insights into their strategies for both Twitter and their careers.

Some of the key take-aways:

  • The secret to their success on Twitter and how their strategies boost their careers
  • Their take on the future of FinTech
  • How they view the financial industry’s attitude toward women and gender equality

Find out this and more from these women who know how to rock the Twittersphere, in this free 12-page PDF.

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Courtney McQuade

Courtney McQuade is an expert in financial technology and social media, with specific focus on marketing and sales strategy. Over the past 18 years, she has worked at startups, hedge fund and private equity firms, and several of Wall Street’s largest banks. Courtney is recognized for her unique ability to train and coach financial professionals at all levels of technology literacy.
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