In The Inexorable Rise of the ETF and The Unstoppable Growth of ETFs (INFOGRAPHIC) we’ve discussed some of the reasons for the ascension of exchange-traded funds, but what lies ahead for the ETF market in the years to come?

PwC published a report on the future of the ETF. ETF 2020: Preparing for a new Horizon considers the obstacles and opportunities that lie ahead for asset managers and ETFs in the next four years. Generally, there are high expectations for the future of ETFs. The majority of the participants of PwC’s survey expect ETF assets to double by 2020 — today’s $2.6 trillion will grow to $5 trillion.

We’ve created an infographic that showcases some of the key projections in this PwC report.

PwC EFTs Infographic 1544171215
Source: ETF 2020: Preparing for a new Horizon

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