The hedge fund industry hasn’t had the best time worldwide in the last few years. 2016, for instance, saw the closure of 530 hedge funds, and even last year they experienced a shaky time. There was a reported ‘chasm’ between those that outperformed and those that did the complete opposite, resulting in the industry enduring its largest annual loss since 2011 at 4.1%.

In the UK however, the top 20 still enjoyed their business. In fact, as of May 2019, they were worth a collected £18 billion (that’s up 13.6% for the year!). With that in mind, Financial News recently listed the top 10 hedge fund managers taken from the overall 2019 Rich List in The Sunday Times.

Topping the pile is Michael Platt, co-founder of BlueCrest Capital Management and worth an estimated £3.7 billion, and you can see familiar faces Crispin Odey and Sir Michael Hintze also making up the rankings. Platt has reportedly dabbled in stocks since the age of 14 and boasts an extensive private art collection including taxidermy. Only two female fund managers make the list (and share the space with men too, attracting criticism), and the list remains relatively unchanged since 2018’s edition. Since then, Sir Chris Hohn from TCI has overtaken two other big players to retain a spot in the two four.

In true Kurtosys fashion, we’ve created an infographic to show the FN’s statistics, demonstrating the continued financial success for the hedge fund industry in Britain.

Hedge Fund UK Rich List 2019

Data source: Listed: The UK’s richest hedge fund managers 2019, FN London

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