lhoft-caricaturePost-Brexit, it’s an exciting time for Luxembourg. As the second largest investment fund centre in the world, its namesake city endeavours to become Europe’s biggest hotspot for finance. Fintech companies from all over the world are looking to set up a new home in the country. What’s needed for these players to thrive is an accelerator; luckily, the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT) has celebrated the opening of their brand new Innovation Hub.

So what is the LHoFT? It is an initiative that helps aid fintech startups by connecting them with key financial actors. Members of the LHoFT are able to take full advantage of these privileges by attending exclusive events and marketing opportunities. Here at Kurtosys, we were privileged to win the LHoFT’s recent competition via Twitter, and were invited to their exclusive launch party. The whole team made us feel very welcome, and we were acquainted with them over a lovely lunch and a tour of the beautiful capital.

As a company that was founded only a few months ago, the turn-out to the LHoFT event was highly impressive; the attendees included H.E Pierre Gramenga (the Minister of Finance for Luxembourg) as well as over thirty other C-Level executives from within the financial services industry. It was the perfect opportunity to network and mix with key movers from the sector.


The evening was certainly eventful, featuring wine tasting from Casa De Vinos, Jack Zazzera – a cartoonist who captured moments from the evening, including ourselves! – and even a stunning live performance from Sumo, a well-known graffiti artist.

The main takeaway was that Luxembourg is cementing itself right at the heart of the financial world. Its city now acts as a crossroads in Europe, and is thus a hotbed of many multinational companies. It’s not surprising that working in Luxembourg is becoming more popular when travelling to France, Belgium, Germany, or even Switzerland is quicker than your commute to work here in London!

lhoft-nikki-andrewWe look forward to hearing more about the LHoFT’s progress within the world of fintech, as well as the development of Luxembourg itself. The influx of financial interest and talent looks like it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future.

If you’d like to read more about fintech in Luxembourg, please feel free to read this article from our Fintech World Series.

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