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Stephanie Flanders Profile Image Stephanie Flanders
I am a Senior Executive Editor at Bloomberg and head of Bloomberg Economics, but my views are my own.
81 100


Winnie Sun Profile Image Winnie Sun
Managing Director of Sun Group Wealth Partners. Forbes, CNBC, Cheddar Contributor. Catch Me Online. #speaker #broadcast #digital WinnieSun.com
80 99


Alexa Von Tobel Profile Image Alexa Von Tobel
Founder/CEO of LearnVest. Working hard to make financial advice accessible for millions of Americans. NYT Best-selling Author, CFP, wife & mommy to Toby!
76 99


Theo Profile Image Theo
Innovation @AARP | #FinTech #InsurTech #startup #AI #IoT #diversity #inclusion | @LinkedIn Top Voice | @Onalytica No.2 Female FinTech | 13.1 | Views: My Own
72 98


Danielle Guzman Profile Image Danielle Guzman
Global #socialmedia @Mercer @lifeatmercer | #1 women in #Insurtech @onalytica | #womeninbusiness #futureofwork #employeeadvocacy #wef18 | #followtheshirt
72 98


Pippa Malmgren Profile Image Pippa Malmgren
Founder DRPM Group and H Robotics, Presidential Advisor, best-selling author, trendspotter, economist, public speaker & NED. @DrPippaM on Intragram, Twitter and facebook
71 97


April Rudin Profile Image April Rudin
Global Wealth U/HNW marketing firm. #FinSvcs Compliant content & social + digital strategies. HuffPost blogger. Likes: #NextGen #Asia #FinTech #RegTech #Detroit
70 97


Tonya   MyFabFinance Profile Image Tonya MyFabFinance
#Millennial #Money Expert |Voted Best Finance Blog for Women | Helping you become financially free so you can do more of what you love | created by @tonyarapley
69 96


Monica   Jasuja Profile Image Monica Jasuja
Digital Payments | Product Strategist | Fintech Global Top100Influencer | Columnist | Views personal, not employers | #NoMoreManels Change Agent | #WomanAtWork
68 95


Sallie Krawcheck Profile Image Sallie Krawcheck
Ellevest, Ellevate Network...past head of Merrill Lynch & Smith Barney....past research analyst....mom...crazed UNC basketball fan....author of Own It
68 95


Ann Pettifor Profile Image Ann Pettifor
Author:The Coming First World Debt Crisis (2006) & The Production of Money (2017). Director of Policy Research in Macroeconomics. https://t.co/34NDjj0EKh
67 94


Bridget Eastgaard Profile Image Bridget Eastgaard
please follow @moneyaftergrad!
65 94


Cary Carbonaro CFP,  MBA Profile Image Cary Carbonaro CFP, MBA
Award Winning, Nationally Known Personal Finance Expert, CFP® MBA, MD @United_Capital, Keynote Speaker, CFP Ambassador, Female Advocate, Author@MoneyQueenGuide
65 93


Charlotte Halkett Profile Image Charlotte Halkett
MD #buzzvault bringing #tech home #insurance overhaul
64 92


Jessi Hempel Profile Image Jessi Hempel
I am interested in power--where it comes from, who has it, and how you lose it. I head editorial for Backchannel, where every story matters.
63 92


Diana Biggs Profile Image Diana Biggs
Working at the intersection of finance & tech (fin. inclusion, digital currency)
63 91


Christine   Duhaime Profile Image Christine Duhaime
Global lawyer @DuhaimeLaw. Founder @DFInstitute. Inter alia anti-money laundering #terrorist financing #assetrecovery #financialinclusion #FinTech #AI #ICO
62 91


Gabriela Teisu Profile Image Gabriela Teisu
62 90


Barbara Barbfriedberg Profile Image Barbara Barbfriedberg
Investing + Wealth building website owner. Former portfolio manager & university finance instructor. Author, Personal Finance: Encyclopedia of Modern Money Mgt.
62 90


Sarah Pennells Profile Image Sarah Pennells
Founder https://t.co/GoVp0TODjI - money website for women. Journalist & author, BBC #ripoffbritain & #rightonthemoney expert. Media trainer, Fellow @theRSAorg
62 89


Anna Irrera Profile Image Anna Irrera
Fintech correspondent @Reuters | All fintech all the time (kind of) | anna.irrera@tr.com | https://t.co/ChxvC5mc4R
61 88


Debra Schroeder Profile Image Debra Schroeder
Adventure value luxury writer, travel hacker, personal finance, miles & points expert since 1994. Likes good food, #craftbeer. Travel more, spend less.
61 88


Krysten Merriman Profile Image Krysten Merriman
Co-founder @AdmnSlayr & @SpringPlans, MKTG @JayPalter & @ModernAdvsr, #INTJ, technology enthusiast.
60 87


Duena Blomstrom Profile Image Duena Blomstrom
#FinTech #CX specialist, Head of Growth @TemenosMKPL #LinkedInTopVoice 2016, Creator of Emotional BankingTM, Uncomfortably opinionated writer, Speaker, Investor
60 87


Claire Calmejane Profile Image Claire Calmejane
Bringing to life digital disruption & innovation at Lloyds Banking Group, co-author of a research report at MIT on Digital Transformation. Views are my own.
60 86


Karen McDermott Profile Image Karen McDermott
Financial Services @SAP #FinTech #data #cloud #AI #ML #IoT #blockchain | Grew up on Wall St. @Chase @Amex @Citi @BNYMellon | #NYC
60 85


Dorota Zimnoch Profile Image Dorota Zimnoch
Passionate about convergence of new technologies into business. #FinTech #InsurTech #Blockchain
60 85


Elizabeth   Lumley Profile Image Elizabeth Lumley
Girl, Disrupted 'The Godmother of FinTech' Advisory Board Member, DNX Community. Co-founder FinTech Cocktail Club. At times, I am 'not impressed'
60 84


Susanne Chishti Profile Image Susanne Chishti
CEO @FINTECHcircle @FTC_Institute Co-Founder @TheFINTECHBook @WealthTECHBook @InsurTECH_Book & FINTECH Circle Innovate @FTCinnovate Conference Speaker
60 84


Rebecca   Lynn Profile Image Rebecca Lynn
Partner @CanvasVC & @Morgenthaler_V. Investor in @LendingClub, @Doximity, @FutureAdvisor, Check, @HealthLoop, @Viewics, @CrowdFlower, @Convo, @Socrata.
60 83


Carolyn   Clement Profile Image Carolyn Clement
Nebraskan in CT, wife, mom, SocialMediaSunday creator, bit o'#insurtech, singer, #chsocm-er, volunteer, propscrafter, #Episcopal. LiveTweeting is my superpower.
60 83


Tina Weeks Profile Image Tina Weeks
Financial Life Planning that lets you see what life is all about
60 82


Devie Mohan Profile Image Devie Mohan
I don't know everything, but I can try. @burnmark_ @fintechmafia @thinkforward
60 81


Gemma Godfrey Profile Image Gemma Godfrey
Founder/CEO @MoolaTeam. ITV’s “Eat, Shop, Save”. Channel 4’s “My Money Makeover”. Schwarzenegger’s Advisor. Fmr Quantum Physicist. #FinTech #FinancialWellbeing
60 81


Lady FOHF Profile Image Lady FOHF
Head of Fund Investments, HNW clients.
58 80


Victoria   Fram Profile Image Victoria Fram
Co-founder @vilcapinvest, Stanford alum (BA, MBA), int'l wanderer, runner, one-time glass blower and aerial fabric enthusiast. And most of all partner and mom.
56 80


Laura Janes Profile Image Laura Janes
Founder of Uniquity, a marketing consultancy for ambitious Financial Services firms.
56 79


AnnZurawCFP®CFA®MBA Profile Image AnnZurawCFP®CFA®MBA
#Investments,Aspiring Speaker, Connector,Tennis Player, Author, Bulldog Mom,Never Give Up, #Portfolio Manager https://t.co/Z9NCvEiRag
56 78


Scarlett Sieber Profile Image Scarlett Sieber
Passionate about #fintech #womenempowerment #startups #VC CIO @OpusBank Prev SVP Digital @BBVA Contributor @ https://t.co/agvAxRj89A
56 78


Carol   Realini Profile Image Carol Realini
Entrepreneur, Board Member, Author, Mobile Banking Pioneer. Universal affordable banking to empower life & work.
56 77


Susan Weiner, CFA Profile Image Susan Weiner, CFA
Writer-editor and chartered financial analyst (CFA) who helps financial professionals increase the impact of their writing on clients and prospects.
56 77


Cathy   Curtis Profile Image Cathy Curtis
CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ CFP®, RIA advising independent women in transition. Love coffee, swimming, farmers markets, red wine and sunshine.
56 76


Patricia Hines Profile Image Patricia Hines
Corporate banking analyst with expertise in global transaction banking & commercial lending across business, technology & operations. #Fintech #Femtech
56 76


Shannon Steele Profile Image Shannon Steele
#Blockchain Specialist @ Deloitte / Digital Currency Certified Professional / #FinTech / #IoT / #Agile PM / #Innovation
55 75


Sophia Bera, CFP® Profile Image Sophia Bera, CFP®
I'm not your father's financial planner. I'm also a foodie, a true crime junkie, and a lover of karaoke.
55 74


Rhonda Sherwood,   CFP Profile Image Rhonda Sherwood, CFP
#FinancialAdvisor, #AnimalAdvocate, #Vegan & #Feminist. This is my personal Twitter site. Opinions Are My Own/Tweets ARE NOT advice.
55 74


Miranda Brawn Profile Image Miranda Brawn
Business / Finance / Diversity Leader, Barrister, Speaker, Advisor, TV Contributor, Equalities Commissioner, Co-Founder of colorintech.org & Founder of @MBDiversityLead
55 73


Deborah Fuhr Profile Image Deborah Fuhr
co-founder & Managing Partner @ETFGI, co-founder & board member @WomeninETFs, independent research & consulting on #ETFs global industry
54 73


Amira Norris Profile Image Amira Norris
Regional business development director (Midlands) @nucleuswrap - seeker of grand adventures & new experiences. #finservs & #fintech champion Personal Views Only
54 72


Hilary Hendershott Profile Image Hilary Hendershott
Host of Profit Boss Radio podcast | Founder of Hilary Hendershott Financial | TEDx speaker | Snowboarder | Born with a head for #'s.
53 72


Bianca   Buckridee Profile Image Bianca Buckridee
#DigitalWorkplace & #DigitalService @BMC_DSM; Social #CustServ pioneer (built @askSunTrust & @ChaseSupport), former K-3 teacher, love fine point pens & pugs.
53 71


Joy   Schoffler Profile Image Joy Schoffler
Principal of FinTech focused PR firm @Leverage_PR, #FinTech Professionals Association, #SXSW and #AARP Accelerator board member and #Yodlee Incubator Mentor.
53 70


Lucy Heavens Profile Image Lucy Heavens
Love all things #FinTech #DigitalMarketing. Marketing #RegTech & #Compliance solutions for #finserv. Also Head of Sponsorship/Events for IRTA. Views are my own.
52 70


Natasha Kyprianides Profile Image Natasha Kyprianides
Head Omnichannel & Customer Experience @HellenicBank #DigitalBanking #FinTech #Strategy #Innovator #WomeninTech #FemTech #Intrapreneur #Visionary
52 69


Courtney   McQuade Profile Image Courtney McQuade
#SocialMedia Addict & #Tech Junkie in #FinServ / #FinTech. ⚡️ @SoulCycle enthusiast.
52 69


Shivani Siroya Profile Image Shivani Siroya
Passionate about all data, financial identity, choice, and all things micro. love exclamations! CEO & Founder of @Talamobile & @TEDfellow
52 68


Manisha Thakor Profile Image Manisha Thakor
Director of Wealth Strategies for Women at Buckingham & The BAM Alliance. Passionate practitioner of MoneyZen & devoted third wave coffee scene fan.
51 67


AdaPia D'Errico Profile Image AdaPia D'Errico
Forever Evolving #Yogini | #Chocaholic | #DivineFeminine #Facilitator ~ Empowering Women thru #Leadership #coaching #wealth & #health @rwealthrhealth
51 67


Holly Mackay Profile Image Holly Mackay
Founder & MD of Boring Money. Helping people without PhDs in Finance make some smart decisions.Independent. Straight-talking. Occasionally gobby.
51 66


Tess Wicks Profile Image Tess Wicks
#MoneyCoach and YouTuber | #PersonalFinance Educator | Host of The Words + Money Podcast - Money advice for #millennialwomen.
51 66


Laura Spiekerman Profile Image Laura Spiekerman
Cofounder @usealloy. Former EM impact investor, Barnard grad.
51 65


Jane   Barratt Profile Image Jane Barratt
Founder @hellogoldbean #InvestmentEvangelist #Marketer #FinTech Author @lynda Personal Finance https://t.co/lwc91BCT3Q #Motherof3 #MoreCoffeePlease
51 65


Áine Hall Profile Image Áine Hall
Business Owner #Recruiter #Headhunter. Hire key personnel 4 market data vendors, research & tech firms. #ExecutiveSearch #FinTech #RegTech #MarketData #FinServ
50 64


Lisa Kuhn   Phillips Profile Image Lisa Kuhn Phillips
FinTech now, previously FinServ COO (Tech, Finance, Mktg, HRDev, culture/digital change) • #FinTechMafia lady • data, math, EQ lover • @inaVisionGo founder
50 63


Eleanor Blayney,CFP® Profile Image Eleanor Blayney,CFP®
Special Adviser on Gender Diversity, CFP Board Center for Financial Planning
50 63


Simply Profile Image Simply
simple, easy, value - #disruptive #bigdata life insurance in SA. 5min online sign up! ... and yup, check out our #chatbot! #fintech #insuretech FSP 47146, T&C
50 62


Jen   Turrell Profile Image Jen Turrell
Financial Feminist, Host of Financial Fluency and All The Stuff Podcasts, Author, Indiegirl, Autism Mom, Pilot.
50 62


Mandi Woodruff Profile Image Mandi Woodruff
Executive Editor @Magnify_Money | TIPS: mandi@magnifymoney.com | Creator/Co-host of The Brown Ambition podcast @TheBApodcast | Prev. @YahooFinance
50 61


Brittney Castro,CFP® Profile Image Brittney Castro,CFP®
Founder/CEO Financially Wise Women. #CFPPro Spokeswoman. @Chase Financial Education Ambassador. @Entrepreneur Partner. Ready to change your financial life?
50 60


YourMillennialMoney Profile Image YourMillennialMoney
Just a girl on a mission to help inspire others to dream BIG. Host of Millennial Money podcast on iTunes https://t.co/mVvB5rmsCJ #CFP #MillennialMoney expert.
50 60


Dani   Hughes Profile Image Dani Hughes
Founder and CEO of Divine Capital Markets NYC: Women Owned Investment Bank. Former market maker. Mama of two. Gets chatty on FOX CNBC. #Divine
49 59


Sharon Grob Profile Image Sharon Grob
Private Office at Oliver Burns Interiors. I have over 20 years experience in financial markets and now focus on bringing my expertise to the homes and interiors of the UHNW
49 59


Cheryl Nash Profile Image Cheryl Nash
President of IS @Fiserv. I tweet wealth management news, pr trends and important things. Tweets are my own views, not necessarily those of my employer.
49 58


Jentescher Profile Image Jentescher
Pres/CEO of @CFSInnovation. #Finhealth expert. #Fintech enthusiast. Making $ work for everyday people.
49 58


Diahann W. Lassus Profile Image Diahann W. Lassus
Fee-Only Fiduciary Wealth Manager providing Financial Planning, Investment Management and Family Office Services.
49 57


Elizabeth Rossiello Profile Image Elizabeth Rossiello
Founder/CEO @BitPesa, feminist, and Carmen Sandiego addict. Building Africa's Digital Payment Infrastructure #MovewithAfrica
48 56


Rachel Bentley Profile Image Rachel Bentley
#Fintech at KPMG Enterprise. Previously banking risk & regulation. #regtech #womenintech. East Dulwicher. #loveparkrun. All tweets my own
48 56


Claire Cockerton Profile Image Claire Cockerton
CEO of Plexal, Founder of ENTIQ & Innovate Finance, Co-Creator of Level39, Techbiker - Loves IoT, FinTech, Smart Cities, Design & Boldness in humans
48 55


Rosita   Najmi Profile Image Rosita Najmi
#financialinclusion @ Gates Foundation. Council on Foreign Relations member. Former Harvard Business School, World Bank, Omidyar Network, Accion, Mercy Corps.
47 55


Clare Joy Profile Image Clare Joy
Communications at Landbay. FinTech, P2P, Digital Education
47 54


Katie Brewer, CFP® Profile Image Katie Brewer, CFP®
Helping #genx physicians, attorneys, and high-income earners take charge of their financial lives. Financial Planner, Mommy, #Aggie, Scooter Owner, @xyplanning
47 53


Catha Mullen Profile Image Catha Mullen
Early-stage investor @radicleimpact. Long distance runner. Spirit animal: Mountain Lion.
47 53


Anne M Triana, CFP® Profile Image Anne M Triana, CFP®
Wife/Mom. Pres/CEO of Curo Private Wealth. Lvr of health/fitness. Securities/financial planning offered thru @LPL Financial. Member SIPC,https://t.co/0ZqgzC0sI8
47 52


Nandini Profile Image Nandini
Digital Finance Broker | All views are my own
47 52


Julie Lord Profile Image Julie Lord
A Chartered & CFP professional in UK. 2 daughters Mary & Annie. Likes playing saxophone golf skiing & partying
46 51


Nicole Hamilton Profile Image Nicole Hamilton
Founder and CEO of @homeownering, author of The Game Plan for Homeowners, available now.
46 51


Gretchen Betts Profile Image Gretchen Betts
Financial Planner CFP, MD @magentafp Art & craft lover, socialite & adoptive Mum to Basil the cat @fluffybasil
46 50


Roberta   Profeta Profile Image Roberta Profeta
Raised in Singapore, then Milan, Brussels, London. Innovation #Insurtech #FintechGirls #FemTechLeaders Run Yoga MTB Kitesurf KravMaga. I'm tiny. My thoughts.
46 49


Luisa Porritt Profile Image Luisa Porritt
Writer, researcher, adviser & academic tutor on politics, economics & finance.
46 49


Kriss   Poll Profile Image Kriss Poll
Integrating Relationship Management tools based upon behavioral science into every aspect of business. Sucker for cute cat videos.
46 48


Sandrine Ayral Profile Image Sandrine Ayral
Helping @LeWagonLondon grow - Bitcoin and all things FinTech, previously @milkroundabout, @coinbase, @_TheFamily, @alvencap and @lecamping
46 48


Jin Kang Profile Image Jin Kang
Driving #simplicity and #beauty for the financial services. VP Experience Design at @OCBCBank, publisher at https://t.co/S1Vsn2fNiL alum @creditsuisse
46 47


Lisa Servon Profile Image Lisa Servon
FT UPenn professor; PT check casher. Author of The Unbanking of America: How the New Middle Class Survives. https://t.co/IEBUueKxdE
45 47


Sonya Dreizler, CFP® Profile Image Sonya Dreizler, CFP®
Consultant to #FinServ firms on #ImpactInvesting, operations & biz #efficiency. Board President @CUESA. Foodie. Extreme extrovert.
45 46


Mrs. Money Mustache Profile Image Mrs. Money Mustache
Early Retirement through Badassity: A Woman's Perspective (when I write, which is rare) - also see @mrmoneymustache.
45 45


Kimberly L.   Curtis Profile Image Kimberly L. Curtis
Trusted Finance Expert, Author of Money Secrets: Keys to Smart Investing, Speaker, Investor Advocate, CFP, President & CEO of @WLIlegacy
45 45


Megan   Carpenter Profile Image Megan Carpenter
CEO & Co-Founder of @FiCommPartners. Messaging, PR, marketing, content, and creative services for leaders in the financial advisory space.
45 44


Claire McDonnell Profile Image Claire McDonnell
Co-founder of @truelinkfin. Humanist, optimist, operator.
45 44


Charlene Young APFS Profile Image Charlene Young APFS
Chartered Financial Planner, Technical Consultant and West Country exile. Wife of one Young man, Mum to another and servant of Mollie Cat.
44 43


Mari Adam, CFP® Profile Image Mari Adam, CFP®
Fin'l planning/wealth mgt fee-only firm owner, 25-yr veteran CFP® based in South Florida. Passionate about helping people esp #women make better money decisions. Women's Choice Winner.
44 42
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Week 72
3:30am - 12th Dec 2017
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5th Dec - 12th Dec 2017
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Five Insights From The Women in Finance Power 100

Five Insights From The Women in Finance Power 100


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