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This week’s edition of Kurtosys Spotlight features female empowerment in financial services, Sarah Tatjana Baier, content-focused research, new competitor banks, startup competitions, and a cat-like bank card.

Digital Leader Spotlight: Sarah Tatjana Baier, Head of Global Digital Marketing at UBS Asset Management

Sarah-Tatjana-Baier-headshotTwo years ago, UBS Asset Management hired digital marketing specialist Sarah Tatjana Baier from Aberdeen Asset Management to strengthen their team in the area.

Sarah has had experience in marketing throughout her career, starting in PR and Communications before becoming a Marketing Manager at DealMarket in Switzerland, bolstering skills in media planning, social media analysis and email marketing. From there, Sarah has focused on digital to become an industry expert in Switzerland, building promotional campaigns and using her PR knowledge to ensure the most engaging web content for Aberdeen. She was also responsible for the coordination of the Company Ski Championships.

Online branding is one of Sarah’s main skills; now at UBS Asset Management she is responsible for creating content and maintaining the firm’s online presence through the creation and maintenance of a website and affiliated apps.

Sarah has since been promoted to Head of Global Digital Marketing at UBS as a result of leading digital campaigns successfully for over 5 years.

Sarah is part of our new gallery – The Most Influential Digital Leaders in Asset Management – and you can check out the top 30 here.

Featured White Paper: Winning Over Women in Financial Services


In the past few weeks, our featured white papers have focused on such issues as ESGs, regulation technology (RegTech) and increasing pressures on the asset management industry. However, we now return to another prevalent aspect of forward change in the world of finance: the role of women in the industry who, in this report from research heroes Kantar, control 51% of personal wealth in the US.

And despite this research focusing on women in the US financial landscape, it’s a problem that can be applied worldwide. Financial firms, and businesses in any industry need to come to terms with many facts connoting why financial success is in the hands of females: more women attend further education in the United States, are the main breadwinners in 40% of households and even have a longer life expectancy to men by 5% – a key factor in determining the interest in pensions and financial planning.

There still remains a culture of money-talk being taboo amongst women, and the underrepresentation of women in the C-suite for financial firms identifies a clear disparity in gender diversity in high-earning positions. However, with other industries taking the lead in the promotion of female leaders (the tech industry also making great strides in this regards), the financial world is noting its prior lack of engagement.

Kantar look into all aspects of financial life and look at the dichotomy in male and female attitudes, from investing to mortgages and even the role of partnership in relation to financial inclusion. It’s a completely holistic look into the how women are misrepresented, even amongst advertising campaigns and communications in financial publications too.

This packed report comes complete with some frank and relatable quotations from female investors and consultants identifying genuine thoughts from those in the industry that have something to say. The gender diversity issue continues, but luckily the FSI finally seems to be taking note of such reports as these to remedy an age-old debate.

Video in Focus: Connected Content

Peregrine-videoA double-headed hydra for asset management content fans, courtesy of Peregrine Communications: a video to accompany their latest white paper aptly titled Connected Content.

The report follows on from the firm’s 2018 report into how the top 50 UK private equity firms promote their business through digital means, with the paper going into detail about practices in marketing technologies and channels, looking to discover whether there were correlations between a company’s AUM and the success of their marketing efforts. Or, indeed, if their thought leadership and sources of content were as valuable as they should be.

In fitting with good marketing practice themselves, Peregrine substantiate their landing page with a video to describe findings from the report. Josh Cole, Head of Analytics, takes note of how asset managers perform under constant pressure from brand awareness online, SEO importance, organic search, social media, educational content, and tracking and analytics.

An insightful few minutes, wonderfully condensing the main results from a thorough report which can be downloaded using the form on the landing page.

Featured Event: Empowering women in the Fintech ecosystem

Women-in-finance-marketinvoiceFollowing on from the earlier white paper, this week’s focus is women in the financial world. In the events space now, hosted by MarketInvoice, is a look at female empowerment in the fintech space.

March 8th is International Women’s Day and therefore this event, entitled Empowering women in the Fintech ecosystem, is held in the right week. Hosted on March 7th 2019, this breakfast event will take place at MarketInvoice’s HQ, at the following address:

Floor 5, 48-50 Scrutton Street, London, EC2A 4XQ

It is an open conversation with no agenda, looking to bring together those in the fintech community (or indeed those that are interested in it) for a celebration of the talented women that are flying the flag for empowerment within the financial sub-sector.

The event is free and your place can be reserved over at this link.

Webinar: How to build a world-class Fund Center


Just a reminder that there is still time to sign up for a brand new webinar from us, entitled How to build a world-class Fund Center.

From our own research, around 70% of web traffic on an asset management website goes towards product fund pages; they are most certainly one of the most pertinent components of the website to develop. Yet how can they go from being merely functional to world class? Our product manager Grant Swart will answer this in a thirty minute presentation.

The topics up for discussion are as follows:

  1. How to tailor Fund Centers to different types of investor and intermediaries, while remaining compliant with market regulations
  2. How to create clear user journeys so that your clients can find data quickly and easily
  3. The key UX principles that ensure your Fund Center is intuitive and delightful for your investors

It will take place on 28 February 2019 at 3pm GMT (10am EST), and you can register for a place at this page.

Fintech News: Intro to LikeBank

We’ve discussed the movements of various UK digital banks across our editions of Kurtosys Spotlight; companies such as Atom, Monzo, Revolut and Starling have grabbed all the headlines as the key disruptors to traditional players on British soil, but we have yet to hear a lot from counterparts in the United States.

This week, however, introduces (with a bang) a digital banking representative from the US: LikeBank. As you can see from this tweet below, it’s a clean looking application for mobiles…

…but perhaps more ground-breaking is it’s USP of being a banking service that sits neatly into messenger services. Think Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp (coming soon…), and LikeBank also plans to make all services available through voice command: Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa and Clove by Line.

Set up by Elliot Goykhman, with experience at Alfa-Bank and Moscow’s B&N Bank, he says “LikeBank is the most digital and lightest bank in the world.” I suppose you can’t be much more concise than that.

BankingTech has, however, neatly out together a huge list of the US’s main challenger banks, which you can peruse here.

In other news, the voting process for Efma and Capgemini’s FinTechVisor competition is now in full swing. Acting as an incubator for new startups in the financial sector, the three finalists (to be determined by 28th February) will pitch their solutions to judges, to see who can present at Efma Bank’s +Fintech event.

To check back on the latest goings-on in this competition, check out the website!

Social Spotlight: Meowing Cards

In keeping with the new-fintech-finds is this week’s social highlight from 11:FS: the presentation of a bank card that’s far from ordinary.

Yes indeed, championing the weirder side of fintech is ANNA, a bank card with a trumpet-playing bear (?) which meows when you use it. Luckily, there’s an accompanying article here looking at a rundown of challenger bank cards which have taken the financial world by storm, mainly for the better, too. Who knows what the future holds…

That’s all for this week! Be sure to check back next time for more news and marketing features from the world of asset management marketing highlights here at Kurtosys.

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