FundPress can help you store and manage all of your important fund-related documents, so that the correct documents are displayed on your website and distributed to your investors.

An aggregate view of every document you have loaded into the app can be accessed in the ‘Documents > Management’ section of the main left-hand navigation toolbar. For swift navigability the Document Management tab, we’ve included a typeahead search functionality so that specific documents can be pinpointed and accessed with ease.

Each document file is categorized under specific headings, including ‘File Name,’  ‘Title,’ and ‘Culture’ (which are default sorts for all customers), as well as ‘Document Type’ and ‘Investor Audience’. ‘Document Type’ and ‘Investor Audience’ are examples of custom meta data domains. You can set your own meta data filters and categorizations within the app easily via the Data Dictionary tab, situated on the left-hand sidebar. Customizable metadata types can be managed in the sub-tab DocumentMeta; other example meta data types include ‘Distribution Country’ and ‘Document Date.’

Here is how to add new document meta data names:

  • Click on the plus button and select ‘Add Document Meta Data’
  • In the side window, you can enter different properties: ‘code’, ‘dataType’, ‘label’, ‘description’, and ‘validationRule’
  • After saving the information you’ve added, this field will become a metadata name (a column filter) within the main page of the Document Management tab

Using the search item ‘Factsheet’ as a brief example: if you typed that word into the typeahead search functionality in Document Management, all available factsheet documents would be displayed. By hovering over the ‘information’ buttons on the far right of this page, you can see when the document was created, and when it was last modified.

By clicking on a document in the given list, a side window will open to give you a PDF preview of the document, which is also a print-ready version. You can also import multiple new documents at a time into the document management hub, right from your desktop if you desire. By clicking on the ‘bulk upload’ button in the top right-hand corner, you can drag multiple documents right into the Document Management section quickly and with ease.

For asset managers that rely on the storage of hundreds of documents and fund-related literature, FundPress’ Document Management Center is a tailor–made, robust and reliable system.

Visit the FundPress page for more information and to request a demo.

Lily Nathanson

Lily Nathanson

Lily works in the Customer Success team in our New York office and is one of our resident FundPress application experts.
Lily Nathanson