AMMF #64: Marketing masterclass, GDPR returns, investing in alpacas

By Elliot Burr on December 7, 2018

Welcome to our asset management marketing focus This week’s edition brings you a marketing masterclass, GDPR reflections, a blockchain revelation for the FSI, and alpaca investments. Movers & Shakers Michele Colavito Is now ➜ Sales Manager,…

Cryptocurrency battles, guerrilla marketing, cybersecurity challenges [VIDEO]

By Elliot Burr on June 30, 2017
FinTech Marketing Roundup

This month’s round up presents the ongoing Bitcoin vs Ethereum battle, banking news from Spain, and the British and Irish Lions Fund XV. Vice/Motherboard Bitcoiners Are Freaking Out Over ‘The Flippening’ by Daniel Oberhaus Vitalik Buterin explains…

Why Are Regulators Forcing The Digital Transformation of Payments?

By Graham Jarvis on June 26, 2017

“By January 2018 banks must comply with the EU’s second Payment Services Directive (PSD2), intended to improve online payment protection, encourage payment services innovation, and make cross-border payments safer. We’re finally entering the modern age of…

Central Banks Are Doing the Unthinkable – Buying Stocks

By Karen Riccio on June 19, 2017

Low interest rates are a borrower’s best friend, a fixed-income investor’s worst nightmare, and one reason many people suggest the integrity of global stock markets is in serious jeopardy. It’s one thing when a group of…

Friday Fintech Marketing Roundup #46

By Elliot Burr on June 16, 2017
FinTech Marketing Roundup

Welcome to our digital marketing round-up Here at Kurtosys we fall down the digital rabbit hole so you don’t have to. We’ve pulled out some of the best reports, eBooks and articles from the digital sphere,…

Open Banking API: Get Ready for Disruption

By Shrikant Thakare on February 13, 2017

There is a general feeling in the market that UK Retail Banking is not competitive and the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) can’t work out the best possible ways to reform the industry. Not a single…

As Banking Becomes Digital: Would Bank Branches Remain Relevant?

By Tayo Abinusawa on January 24, 2017

Highlights: Over 1000 bank branches have been closed in the past 24 months 20 million adults in the UK do not know how to use online banking Millennials still use bank branches & tellers Banks may…

Banks Embrace Biometric Technology… But How Could it Help Marketers?

By Hannah Smith on March 8, 2016

I recently wrote this piece about the future of high street banks, and how different they might look in just a few short years. Sure enough, big changes are already afoot, with a leading UK bank…

Data, Biometrics and Virtual Reality: What Will Banks Look Like in 2020?

By Hannah Smith on February 23, 2016

Posting a cheque, queuing in a branch, waiting on hold for an overseas call centre – these are all annoyances most of us will have experienced at some point in our day to day banking. Thankfully,…

Crowdfunding and P2P: Banks Target New Wave of Industry Disruptors

By Hannah Smith on December 23, 2015

Crowdfunding has been making headlines recently for all the wrong reasons, leading some commentators to wonder whether the shine is starting to come off the sector. In November, a Kickstarter project to fund the building of…

Why Financial Services Can’t Afford a TalkTalk Disaster

By David Prosser on December 15, 2015

TalkTalk thinks this autumn’s cyber attack could cost it £35m – and that’s before the reputational damage that the telecoms company has suffered at the hands of its tormentors. To which leading financial services companies –…

How Can Asset Managers Use Instagram as a Social Media Marketing Tool?

By Taranita Costales on December 10, 2015

Instagram is a social network that allows users to easily share pictures and short snippets of video. With over 300 million active monthly users, this mobile app has earned a well-deserved spot amongst other popular social…


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