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Kurtosys Spotlight: Simon Mott, influencer marketing, Uber fintech

By Elliot Burr on September 6, 2019

This week’s edition of Kurtosys Spotlight features LGIM’s Kassie Siwo-Gasa, clean energy investing, HANetf’s Simon Mott, influencer marketing, Uber’s foray into fintech and Santander’s educational #DontGetKurupted marketing campaign. Digital Leader Spotlight: Kassie Siwo-Gasa, Head of Digital…

Pictet’s Wendy Appleton on thematic investing, sales and Mega

By Sam Shaw on June 18, 2019

Wendy Appleton is Pictet’s Head of Sales – UK and Ireland. Kurtosys spoke with her recently about the accelerated interest in thematic investing, the power of less overt branding at reaching a new, wider, audience and…

Asset Management Marketing Focus #23

By Elliot Burr on January 26, 2018

Welcome to our asset management marketing roundup Asset managers are increasingly looking to embrace digital, offering innovative ways to engage with investors who are looking to trust those that are up to speed. From marketing funds…

The Stakes are High for Wealth Managers in a Digital Future

By Hannah Smith on September 15, 2016
The stakes are high for wealth managers in a digital future

Wealth managers risk losing more than half their net income if they fail to deliver the digital experience clients now expect, a new report suggests. Capgemini’s World Wealth Report 2016 says firms offering poor digital experiences…

‘Insurtech’- How FinTech Start-Ups are Using Big Data to Revolutionise Insurance

By John Greenwood on August 9, 2016
Insurtech ft image

When it comes to combining fintech and big data, few areas have quite so much potential as the insurance sector. Yes, data on your customer’s habits, predilections and circumstances helps in all areas of marketing –…

FinTech and Financial Services: Collaboration Over Competition

By David Prosser on June 30, 2016
Collaboration vs Competition

Large financial services businesses confronted by potentially disruptive new entrants to their markets have two possible choices about how they respond. The traditional reaction to competition is to take it on – to raise your game…

Kurtosys Insights: Boutique Asset Manager Eyes Marketing Innovations

By Courtney McQuade on June 29, 2016
Oakland Bridge Marketing Innovation Setting

With over 16 years in the financial industry, and over six as the Global Marketing Director at Broadmark Asset Management LLC, Rawson Gulick has witnessed the evolution of the asset management industry and distribution. She took…

Are Robo-Advisors Jumping the Shark?

By Suzanne McGee on March 21, 2016

Have robo-advisors – one of the hottest financial trends of the decade – finally jumped the shark? That’s the provocative claim of a recent white paper studying the industry by M&A consulting firm Silver Lane Advisory,…

Data, Biometrics and Virtual Reality: What Will Banks Look Like in 2020?

By Hannah Smith on February 23, 2016

Posting a cheque, queuing in a branch, waiting on hold for an overseas call centre – these are all annoyances most of us will have experienced at some point in our day to day banking. Thankfully,…

Wall St vs Silicon Valley: The FinTech Battle

By Suzanne McGee on February 2, 2016

A fierce battle between Wall Street and Silicon Valley’s technology industry is taking shape, with the prize being which combatant will control and shape the pace and direction of financial innovation. Most observers are likely to…

Asset Management in the Digital Age

By David Prosser on November 12, 2015

Who wants paper from their asset manager or wealth management firm? In most markets, customers are charged to upgrade when new services become available, but in the investment business, this model has been turned on its…

David and Goliath: What Technological Change Really Means for Traditional Financial Services

By Hannah Smith on August 6, 2015

How much of a threat to traditional financial services is the new digital economy? The pace of change and innovation in tech, combined with the way we use it has been so rapid that it has…


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