BlackRock’s Michael Gruener on Thematic Investing, Active-vs-Passive & Embracing Tech

By Sam Shaw on November 20, 2018

BlackRock head of EMEA retail Michael Gruener believes the ‘active-vs-passive’ debate is now outdated, with both approaches deserving their place in investment portfolios. Speaking to Kurtosys, he foresees the proliferation of thematic investing, describes how embracing…

Six ways asset managers can innovate using Open Banking

By Richard Watts on August 15, 2018

Open Banking came into effect in the UK in January of 2018, but the on-going consideration of how this could change the user experience for advisers and wealth managers in the future is no longer a crystal…

11 Examples of Financial Data on Social Media

By Courtney McQuade on February 25, 2016

From hashtags to Twitter polls, there are a variety of tactics asset and fund management marketers can use to help drive engagement on social media. Financial institutions optimize these channels to share their content and connect…

Data, Biometrics and Virtual Reality: What Will Banks Look Like in 2020?

By Hannah Smith on February 23, 2016

Posting a cheque, queuing in a branch, waiting on hold for an overseas call centre – these are all annoyances most of us will have experienced at some point in our day to day banking. Thankfully,…

10 Chart Libraries for Displaying Fund Data

By Schalk Burger on February 16, 2016

The amount of global, digital data continues to proliferate at an exponential rate. The IDC forecasts internet-users will generate 40 zettabytes of data by 2020. Of course, this sea of data is only useful if it is interpretable….

How to Effectively Ride the Data Tsunami

By Deepa Fernandez on February 9, 2016

A poster caught my eye during a recent visit to the Big Bang Data exhibition in London. The poster prompted me to think about this digital age, and was a reminder of my constant, total immersion in a…

Firms Move Ahead of Regulation and Push for Innovation

By David Prosser on February 4, 2016

Some nine years after the global financial crisis broke, is the financial services industry finally beginning to look to the future? The eighth instalment of Capgemini’s annual study of the sector’s priorities for IT investment suggests…

Futurology: Five Big Digital Marketing Trends for 2016

By Hannah Smith on January 28, 2016

It’s a brand new year, which means it’s time to dust off the crystal ball and try to see in to the not too distant future. Specifically, to identify what major trends marketers might have to…

7 UX Techniques to Improve Fund Data Display

By Paul Fawcett on January 26, 2016

“User experience” has become more than just a buzzword, it is now a foundation stone of good web design and usability. I remember when website creation was all about accessibility – making web pages available for those…

Data Privacy: FinTech Opportunity or Threat?

By David Prosser on January 19, 2016

What do new data protection rules agreed across the European Union mean for innovation in the fintech space? The reforms, finally signed off in December after years of arguments, introduce a common set of rules across…

Asset Management in 2016 – Your Predictions

By Luke Hinchliffe on January 7, 2016

2015 was an exciting year for the global asset management industry. The popularity of robo-advisors, the rise of Millennials and the growth of ETFs were just a few drivers of change in the asset management sector…

How Networking Impacts Product Design and Software Architecture

By Stephen Zucknovich on October 19, 2015

Networking really matters. Today’s applications are very I/O intensive, where the speed of networking is a major component of overall performance. The developers and engineers at Kurtosys have designed our software to deliver type-ahead performance, which means…


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