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Brexit woes for UK fund managers

By David Prosser on February 15, 2017

Finally, we’re about to push the button. The Supreme Court ruling in January clears the way for Theresa May’s government to trigger Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon – once she has Parliament’s approval, that…

Why fund managers need to be better listeners

By David Prosser on February 7, 2017

Fund managers are good at communicating with investors and potential investors: they publish a broad range of information, some fund-specific, some not, and make imaginative use of creative design; they’re also increasingly savvy about the power…

Opportunity from adversity: why fund managers should welcome the FCA’s criticisms

By David Prosser on January 10, 2017
FCA Criticism

The Financial Conduct Authority’s interim report on the asset management sector could hardly be more damning. It accuses fund managers, particularly those who run active funds, of failing to do their job properly (since so few…

Are UK Fund Managers Jeopardising Transparency?

By David Prosser on October 4, 2016
UK fund manger transparency

Neil Woodford is used to making headlines, but his firm, Woodford Investment Management, is in the news for slightly different reasons right now. The UK’s best-known fund manager has announced he is to scrap bonuses at…

The Rise of the Gig Economy: New Implications for Retirement Plans

By Courtney McQuade on May 19, 2016
gig economy

Every day, more and more people join the “gig economy.” If you’re not familiar with the term, the gig economy is defined as independent contractors with flexible work hours acting as their own boss. Today’s biggest…

Fund Managers & Advertising: A Millennial’s Perspective

By Sarah Mardiney on April 22, 2016
fund manager advertising

For fund managers working in a digital age, advertising is changing drastically. Print advertising or word-of-mouth is simply not going to be effective in maintaining client relationships in today’s online world. Effective advertisements can attract clients, as well…

Third Avenue Funds Fallout

By Suzanne McGee on March 11, 2016
junk bonds

If you listened to any of the managers or marketing teams of any mutual fund firm in the weeks that followed the implosion of the Third Avenue Management junk bond fund in the final weeks of…

Trust issues and why financial advice might be all in the mind

By Hazel McHugh on June 14, 2012

A person’s relationship with money can get complicated. You don’t need me to tell you that. Many of you are financial professionals with first-hand experience of how complex financial advice can become. It’s not just the…

Reading list for 2012: Fund Manager blogs to bookmark

By Janet Lâm on December 30, 2011

As 2012 approaches, I’ve been thinking about new year’s resolutions (drink more water, learn something new almost everyday etc). Top of the list is always to read more and this includes squeezing in blogs: Below is a…

Fund managers get social at last

By Hazel McHugh on May 23, 2011
social media finance

We’ve said quite a bit on this blog about why asset managers cannot afford to ignore social media.  You could say it’s a pet subject of ours.  So we were pretty pleased to hear that the…