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How to reach more South African investors through digital tools

By Leandi Kolver on November 7, 2018

Most South Africans will not be able to retire comfortably. Based on current data, this is a fact. A recent study by 10X Investments showed that 62% of South Africans are not confident that they will…

FCA platform inquiry poses new threat to fund marketers

By David Prosser on December 28, 2017

Having spent years sticking it to the banks, City regulators have shifted their sights to other areas of the financial services sector in recent times, with fund managers in particular feeling the hot breath of the…

Asset management marketing: keeping pace in an ever changing world

By Courtney McQuade on August 10, 2017

An interview with Samantha Hurditch, Managing Director at Wellsmarketing Consultancy Ltd Over the past decade the financial services industry has encountered unprecedented changes in technology and regulation, making marketing particularly delicate. With clients entrusting us with…

Why asset managers must learn to love fund research agencies

By David Prosser on May 11, 2017

How crucial is fund research in helping investors and financial advisers to decide on which funds deserve their time and money? The short answer is very, whether you’re marketing direct to a retail audience or targeting…

Why Aren’t Fund Websites Joining the Mobile Revolution?

By Taranita Costales on March 10, 2015

In 2008, Internet analyst Mary Meeker of Morgan Stanley predicted that mobile Internet usage would exceed desktop Internet usage by 2014. Now, we can say this forecast is our present day reality. Just last year, history…

What’s in a (Hedge Fund) Name?

By Doug Litowitz on December 30, 2014
what's in a hedge fund name - fund marketing

The topic of hedge fund names came up recently when the New York Times reported on the launch of Melvyn Capital, a name they found worthy of investigation. They discovered the firm was being launched by…

5 Ways for Asset Managers to Improve Fund Factsheet Production

By Mash Patel on May 29, 2013

It’s been a very busy start to the year here at Kurtosys. We’ve onboarded many new customers and continued to help ones that have worked with us for years but in case you’re about to switch…

Green Light on Social Media as SEC Asks FinServ Firms “what are you waiting for?”

By Hazel McHugh on April 19, 2013

The list of reasons not to use social media for fund marketing used to go something like this… Compliance concerns And do clients really want it, anyway? Fear of the regulators And does it really drive…

Investment Goals: Attracting Asset With a Behavioural Time Machine

By Hazel McHugh on April 16, 2013

Every one who’s made a new year’s resolution… and broken it… knows that willpower only goes so far. Losing weight, stopping smoking, working harder – all of these things are perfectly possible, they’re just hard to…


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