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Generali Investments launches new fund tools features using Kurtosys

By Luke Hinchliffe on November 28, 2018
Generali Investments phase 2

Generali Investments have recently gone live with a new version of their website platform powered by Kurtosys. Back in September 2017, Generali Investments launched a major new website using the Kurtosys platform, as part of a…

8 Elements of a Great Fund Explorer [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Luke Hinchliffe on August 20, 2018
kurtosys fund explorer

Firstly, what is a fund explorer? AKA a Fund Finder, a fund explorer is simply a web page that is dedicated to displaying all of an asset manager’s investment products in one place. They are normally…

Too much data, not enough text – correcting the balance of data visualisations

By Luke Hinchliffe on September 26, 2017

We’ve talked many times before about the importance of effective data visualisation. It’s crucial for demonstrating to clients the value of what asset managers do – but there are far too many cases where these visualisations…

When it comes to the levered ETF crowd, timeliness is the key

By Courtney McQuade on September 26, 2016
levered etfs

We sat down with Andy O’Rourke, the Chief Marketing Officer at Direxion Funds, whose high-octane ETFs are well known by the trader community and tactical advisors. How would you describe Direxion and its range of products…

How can online fund tools be more user-friendly? Four examples of best practice

By Hannah Smith on March 30, 2016
user experience fund tools

What makes a fantastic fund tool? The benchmark is now higher than ever, because digitally-savvy investors are demanding the kind of user experience they get from their favourite social networks, news outlets and retailers across all…

bank muscat Asset Management Launches Leading-edge Digital Fund Factsheet Tool Developed by Kurtosys

By Luke Hinchliffe on September 29, 2015

Kurtosys’ first Middle East client implements an interactive and up-to-date digital fund factsheet for investors on their website LONDON – September 29, 2015 – Kurtosys, a leading financial technology provider of fund marketing and investor servicing…

Can You Predict the Future Value of Your Investments?

By Robert Childs on June 7, 2015

The short answer to the question posed in the title of this blog is “No.” But that doesn’t stop us from trying to predict the future. In a rapidly evolving investments market, we at Kurtosys and DST…

20 Top Fund Websites Ranked

By Mash Patel on February 23, 2015
ranking fund data tools

Well-designed fund websites, in both the functional and aesthetic capacities, are empowering for both the fund company and the end user. It’s easily an asset manager’s best sales and marketing tool, working around the clock, 24/7….

The Aesthetic Bias in Winning at Tinder and Raising Assets

By Patrick McKenna on February 17, 2015
The Aesthetic Bias in Winning at Tinder and Raising Assets

What wildly popular dating app matches some 12 million people a day and processes over a billion swipes a day? Tinder. And they’re creating an entirely new audience of digital daters. Tinder owes its wild success…

Are Your Fund Website Tools from the Stone Age?

By Patrick McKenna on March 20, 2014

Getting financial data onto your website is easy, right? You get your IT team to build a web service, you plug it into the site and then data goes in. You call BigDesign Co., write them…

7 Components of the Perfect Fund Data Tools [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Luke Hinchliffe on March 19, 2014
7 Components of the Perfect Fund Tools

We like to consider ourselves experts in this field. In this infographic I’m hoping to provide a few best practices when creating online widgets (which we call Fund Tools). If you’re an asset manager, you need to…

Time machines, fund illustrations and buckets: 4 ways to help solve the post-retirement crisis

By Bobby Peacock on October 1, 2013

1. Go back to the future How would you like to meet the future you? That’s exactly what the Face Retirement tool from Merrill Edge (Bank of America) lets you do. Their “behavioral time machine” is…


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