Kurtosys Spotlight: Fund communication guide, Jarlath Forde, N26

By Elliot Burr on March 1, 2019

Welcome to our weekly digital spotlight! This week’s edition of Kurtosys Spotlight features the ultimate guide to fund communication, informative webinars past and present, challenger bank expansions, and a visual recap of last year’s fund landscape….

7 Tips to Creating the Perfect Fund Fact Sheet [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Garth Alistoun on February 5, 2019
7 Tips to Creating the Perfect Fund Fact Sheet

Pointers for creating the perfect fund fact sheet If you work in Fund Marketing, then you know the importance design plays in communicating fund information to investors. From getting your branding spot on, to using chart labels,…

Fund History 1774-2018 [infographic]

By Ray Aso on January 10, 2019

Finding ourselves in a maze of mutual funds, ETFs, ESG opportunities and the like in 2019, it’s worth noting that the fund world’s tumultuous journey can even be traced back to the 17th Century in the…

8 Elements of a Great Fund Explorer [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Luke Hinchliffe on August 20, 2018
kurtosys fund explorer

Firstly, what is a fund explorer? AKA a Fund Finder, a fund explorer is simply a web page that is dedicated to displaying all of an asset manager’s investment products in one place. They are normally…

8 eye-catching asset management infographics

By Ray Aso on August 13, 2018

Content comes in many formats these days, with an added onus to stand out in the oversaturated world of marketing through originality. Blog posts remain the flagship tool for fund marketers to discuss industry insights and…

How financial services tapped into the World Cup

By Elliot Burr on July 17, 2018

Oh, what a glorious year. The 2018 World Cup, first met with some skepticism, has been one of the competition’s most memorable tournaments for years, and for many reasons. Champions of Brazil’s 2014 effort Germany –…

AMMF #29: Sovereign wealth fund sequel, AM partnerships, the FinServ DJ

By Elliot Burr on March 23, 2018

Welcome to our asset management marketing roundup This week’s round up brings you a dual-country fund launch sequel, incredible infographics, the return of gamification, and the DJ sideline of a potential financial giant’s CEO. Movers & Shakers…

Recent Events in Fund History [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Courtney McQuade on September 8, 2016

The history of funds is a rich one with many important events shaping the industry we know today. From the Dutch merchant and broker, Adriaan van Ketwich, forming a trust back in 1774 to the US…

Asset Management in the Social Era [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Paul Fawcett on August 24, 2016
Asset Management in the social era

PwC’s June 2016 report, #SocialMediaStudies: Asset Management in the Social Era, reviewed the growth of social media globally and in terms of asset management brands. They uncovered research in which 62% of millennials said that if a brand engages with…

12 Facts About B2B Digital Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Courtney McQuade on July 11, 2016
Digital Marketing The Facts FT Image

Here at Kurtosys we are avid promoters of social media and content creation in financial services. These digital methods are invaluable for marketers, not only do they help companies keep up with rising numbers of millennial clients and colleagues,…

Fund Data & Infographics: A Millennial’s Perspective

By Sarah Mardiney on March 15, 2016
Fund Data Infographics

Wikipedia characterizes the “Millennial” generation as including individuals born between the early 1980s, continuing until the early 2000s. Millennials are a population of young men and women raised alongside the internet, developing and maturing with the…

From Ancient Stone Maps to Interactive 3D Charts: A History of DataViz

By Sarah Mardiney on March 3, 2016
dataviz infographic

Most of us, at some point in our lives, have worked with data visualization (DataViz). In the early years of schooling, children learn the difference between Venn Diagrams, line graphs and pie charts, and how they…


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