11 Wealth Management Apps for Android

By Katie Smart on June 13, 2016
Wealth Management App Monatage

Countless companies have websites and tools for digital wealth management. Many offer appealing features such as real time financial news updates, stock tracking tools and interactive user-friendly graphs. Growing digitalisation and interactions with millennials within the finance sector demands…

Robo-Advisors: A Millennial’s Perspective

By Sarah Mardiney on April 7, 2016
A Millennial’s Perspective

Every passing year marks the introduction of a technological advancement which affords some new form of progressive automation. Members of the millennial generation, like myself, are no strangers to the integration of robotic technology in daily…

5 Effective Web Design Trends for Investment Management Websites

By Courtney McQuade on August 25, 2015

We’ve blogged before about how financial services, particularly asset management, is behind the curve in terms of web design and user experience. But things are changing, slower than other industries, but changing they are and for…

RDR: Investing made (too) easy

By Hazel McHugh on August 2, 2012

Over the next few blogs, we’ll take a further look at the implications of RDR, trying to understand a bit more about how consumers might change their behaviour and how advisers can look to adapt. In…

Some news is good news… possibly

By Hazel McHugh on July 19, 2012

Two bits of good news in one morning? Summer may finally be on its way and – if not celebrating – savers can at least be less unhappy as UK inflation falls to 2.4%. My last…


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