Twenty-First Century Wealth Management: A Question of Trust

By John Greenwood on July 27, 2016
C21st wealth management: Question of trust ft image

It’s surprising how long the wealth management sector has managed to get away with a ‘trust us and don’t ask too many questions’ approach. True, most people want to leave the complicated stuff to the experts,…

Could ‘Gamification’ Make Millennials Care About Pensions?

By Hannah Smith on July 18, 2016
Pension gamifcation ft image

With Britain’s exit from the EU being largely decided by ‘the grey vote’, things look worse than ever for downtrodden Millennials. Financial commentators are warning that Brexit means we will all be drawing our pensions later,…

Snapchat: The Millennial Friendly Robo-Advisor?

By Katie Smart on July 5, 2016
Snapchat ft-image

There are a few rumours buzzing around that Snapchat (a social media app specifically for smartphones) could be offering the next robo-advisor service for your smartphone. Speculations on how a snapchat robo-advisor would work have been circling…

A Bear Market: Uncharted Territory for Robo-Advisors and Millennials

By Karen Riccio on June 28, 2016
Robo-Advisors bear market

Over the past couple of years, we’ve witnessed the blending of a new generation of investors and new breed of advisors. On one hand, we have more than 75 million millennials, a group of 17- to…

11 Wealth Management Apps for Android

By Katie Smart on June 13, 2016
Wealth Management App Monatage

Countless companies have websites and tools for digital wealth management. Many offer appealing features such as real time financial news updates, stock tracking tools and interactive user-friendly graphs. Growing digitalisation and interactions with millennials within the finance sector demands…

The Rise of the Gig Economy: New Implications for Retirement Plans

By Courtney McQuade on May 19, 2016
gig economy

Every day, more and more people join the “gig economy.” If you’re not familiar with the term, the gig economy is defined as independent contractors with flexible work hours acting as their own boss. Today’s biggest…

Fund Managers & Advertising: A Millennial’s Perspective

By Sarah Mardiney on April 22, 2016
fund manager advertising

For fund managers working in a digital age, advertising is changing drastically. Print advertising or word-of-mouth is simply not going to be effective in maintaining client relationships in today’s online world. Effective advertisements can attract clients, as well…

Robo-Advisors: A Millennial’s Perspective

By Sarah Mardiney on April 7, 2016
A Millennial’s Perspective

Every passing year marks the introduction of a technological advancement which affords some new form of progressive automation. Members of the millennial generation, like myself, are no strangers to the integration of robotic technology in daily…

Financial Services Firms Need to Find Their Own ‘Digital Ninjas’

By David Prosser on March 1, 2016

It is a paradox. Financial services is a digital business: its customer base – and the assets of these customers – are held and maintained almost entirely in digital form. The industry, moreover, is desperate to…

High Touch to High Tech: US World Wealth Report Confirms Need for Industry Shift

By Suzanne McGee on December 31, 2015

The traditional marketing pitch of a wealth management company seeking to win the business or retain the allegiance of a wealthy U.S. client has tended to sound something like this. We’ll sit down with you and…

Winning Over the Millennials: Four Big Myths Debunked

By Hannah Smith on September 3, 2015

Move over Baby Boomers, it’s time for a new wave of investors to shape the future of the asset management industry: the Millennials. Who are they? The term refers to people born between the early 1980s…

2 Truths and 1 Lie: Millennials and Financial Services

By Cami Crawford on March 5, 2015

The Millennial generation — those with birth years ranging from the early 1980s to the early 2000s — have raised some controversy for a number of reasons. There are certain assumptions, some of them misperceptions, about…