3 Robo-advisors, £10,000: A Generation Z’s perspective

By Pippy Harrison on August 7, 2019
UK Robo-Advisor Investing

As a 17 year old that has limited knowledge of investments, I wouldn’t know what companies to buy stocks or shares with. Luckily, this is where robo-advisors come in. These companies take your money, and invest…

Kurtosys Spotlight: Tina Cracknell, Investment 20/20, ESG risk

By Elliot Burr on July 12, 2019

This week’s edition of Kurtosys Spotlight features Tina Cracknell, alternative data, ESG risk, our interview with Generali Investment’s Giovanni Ricciolio, a CX event, Investment 20/20 and a bank’s noteworthy marketing efforts. Digital Leader Spotlight: Tina Cracknell…

Interview: Rich Powers on Vanguard’s ETF Costs, Innovation & Scale

By Sam Shaw on May 29, 2019

Kurtosys caught up with Rich Powers, head of US ETF product management at Vanguard. Based in the US, he is largely responsible for promoting Vanguard’s own offering and also communicating the broader ETF story, honing a…

Connecting the Dots – Scott Stevens [Podcast]

By Elliot Burr on March 11, 2019

In this episode of the Kurtosys Podcast we speak to Scott Stevens, Head of Business Development at Quilter Cheviot. Scott has a wealth of experience in asset management; in his 25 years in the financial world…

Kurtosys Spotlight: Graham Kellen,, robo-limitations

By Elliot Burr on January 11, 2019
Kurtosys Digital Spotlight

Welcome to our brand-new-for-2019 weekly digital spotlight! This year’s first edition of Kurtosys Spotlight features a digital leader in focus, a fresh website offering, a CIO’s perspective on the industry, music’s financial renaissance, reflections of robos…

Financial marketers, don’t fear your AI friends

By Elliot Burr on December 3, 2018

Are there any practical uses for artificial intelligence in finance? Naysayers all over the world-wide-web will say that AI is just a fad; a continued blab at the expense of optimists that are excited by the…

Automation and AI – the future is digital for SA asset managers

By Leandi Kolver on September 12, 2018
Digital transformation in asset management

Nic Andrew, MD at Nedgroup Investments shares his views on digital transformation in the South African asset management industry, tells us about the vision behind the company’s roboadvisor platform and explains why he doesn’t believe traditional…

AMMF #51: New crypto funds, blockchain research and the potential of AI

By Leandi Kolver on September 7, 2018
Asset Management Marketing Focus #51

Welcome to our asset management marketing focus This week’s roundup focuses on the South African asset management space, bringing you news about crypto funds, blockchain, AI and Sygnia’s hedge fund decision. Website Spotlight: Allan Gray Allan…

AMMF #50: Digital seafaring, low-cost platforms, longest bull run

By Elliot Burr on August 31, 2018

Welcome to our asset management marketing focus In AMMF’s 50th round up, we bring you a new crypto-asset fund launch, open and closing doors for digital platforms, and celebrations for the 10-year bull market run. Movers &…

Saving vs investing – will South Africans make the shift?

By Leandi Kolver on July 9, 2018

Most South Africans aren’t saving and investing enough for a comfortable retirement, and many of those who are saving (for retirement or otherwise) aren’t doing so smartly. This is the harsh reality. A comfortable retirement? According…

South African Robo-Advisors: Hype or Worthy Investment?

By Leandi Kolver on June 13, 2018
South African robo-advisors

By 2022 robo-advisors will manage US$177 million in South African assets, up from only US$22 million this year, data by Statista shows. This translates into a compound annual growth rate between 2018 and 2022 of 68.8%….

Apple Asset Management? It probably will happen

By Robin Powell on March 19, 2018

I’m not an Apple obsessive. I don’t queue outside the Apple Store at 5am to buy the latest iPhone, and I’m sorry, but £160 for a pair of ear plugs is daylight robbery. But I love…


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