Technology is a top priority for corporations across all industries as they look to capitalize on the advanced analytics available from big data.

Marketing and sales strategies at financial firms have changed dramatically in recent years and it is critical that these firms use big data and advanced analytics to make better decisions.

As financial firms increase their use of analytics to influence business strategy, you’re likely to see massive shifts within the financial industry. These changes are taking place in sales and marketing; they are now able to increase segmentation by client type with targeted marketing campaigns utilizing the most appropriate medium for the target audience and strategic employment of marketing and advertising based on new insights into the return on investment.


In this recorded webinar, Harvest CMO Bob Dryzgula discusses the current state of the marketplace, as well as the future benefits and competitive differentiators available to firms that employ the key strategies.

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Bob Dryzgula, CMO at Harvest

Bob began his career at Sanford Bernstein in 2000 with a focus on the institutional asset management department focusing on the pension and sub-advisory market.

He spent 13 years at what his now AllianceBernstein in various roles in institutional, consultant relations, private wealth, and retail.  This included time as an expat living in Hong Kong focused on the Asia-pacific region.

He was also a mutual fund wholesaler in the New York Metro Region and in his last role was responsible for the development and execution of the firm’s retail distribution effort to the RIA advisor space.

Following AllianceBernstein, Bob spent 2 years at a risk and analytics firm where he managed a $400M fund for a large European Pension plan.

He Joined Harvest in July 2016 as their Chief Marketing Officer.

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Courtney McQuade

Courtney McQuade is an expert in financial technology and social media, with specific focus on marketing and sales strategy. Over the past 18 years, she has worked at startups, hedge fund and private equity firms, and several of Wall Street’s largest banks. Courtney is recognized for her unique ability to train and coach financial professionals at all levels of technology literacy.
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